Friday, May 19, 2017


I’ve not blogged in a kajillion years.

1. We sold our home in December, began the frantic search for just the right home, moved out in January and stayed with family for three weeks while stuffing all of our belongings into storage, and then moved into our new house in mid-February. I want to blog eventually about that crazy but happy experience, not because I expect “readers” to want to know, but to hold and record the emotions. The last few months of getting settled in, decorating, redoing… they’ve been exhausting but wonderful. I want to capture these feelings soon.

2. WORK IS HARD. I am a teacher. The end. As I mentioned, lots of changes here too.

3. And lastly (and probably the biggest reason I’ve not sat down to write)... We’re still waiting on our adoption. We’ve had three almost-maybe situations that have not panned out obvs. The whole waiting thing has been spiritually tiresome, and I never ever ever ever ever thought we’d be waiting this long. I couldn’t have guessed we’d be almost to summer (24 days as I write this if you really wanna know… because, you know, I teach) and I don’t want to blog about it because then I’d have to face my emotions and anger and frustration and doubt and I JUST DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. It will happen. Someday. I hope. I pray. Okay, not talking anymore about that.

With all these changes and new leaves, I’ve started up a new blog. It’s 2017, and I’ve kept this thing up for 10 full years. Buying a new home just felt like the right time to close this notebook and open up a new one. Follow along if you’re inclined. :)

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