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I'm Briana, and I've been a "Carolina girl" my whole life. As only child, my parents were (and still are) my best friends and fiercest protectors. As a teenager, I met this handsome red-headed bass player named Jake at church and fell head over heels (click here for those stories). We made big plans. We got engaged right away, bought a home, and married after he graduated college with a elementary teaching degree. I started this blog as a doe-eyed fiancĂ© and student teacher. Two years later, I graduated college, and began teaching middle school language arts & believe it or not, I still [mostly] love it.

I am a lover of {craft, snobby} coffee, books, the ocean, bargain shopping, cooking and baking, church, and adventure. I enjoy hiking, cuddling, and riding with the windows down. 

I am a survivor of recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility. I am a mom through the miracle of adoption, and an advocate of adoption theology. I'd be lying if I said life wasn't hard. But I guess, that's true for most of us, isn't it? Through it all, I have leaned on my Savior, Jesus, and found comfort in all that He has blessed me with - a beautiful daughter and a selfless, loving husband who exemplifies Ephesians 5 and reminds me daily of His grace, and plethora of friends and family who share in our times of joy and times of sorrow.

We live a very blessed life with great careers, a blossoming little girl (and Y'ALL - she is AMAZING), and a rock-solid marriage, and lots of laughs. We hope our family grows, and we are excited for the plans God has for us. Each day on this journey, I try to let his light shine from within me.

My RPL/Infertility/BRCA Story...

Our miscarriages have drastically changed our lives. They have challenged and deepened our faith and our marriage.

In the summer of 2011, we learned we were expecting our first child, Baby#1 only to miscarry later in the fall. Just weeks later, we unexpectedly heard the story of a precious little girl, and through the avenue of independent adoption, we welcomed her into our family as our daughter. It was a whirlwind. While adjusting to our new life as a family of three, we also learned we expecting again in November 2012 (Baby #2) and miscarried again at the turn of the year. Another pregnancy and miscarriage followed that next spring, 2013, Baby #3, and much testing followed. Despite no clear medical reason, we lost again, a son, Baby #4, in April 2014. In March 2015, we lost Baby #5. Despite every best medical intervention in 2015, we lost Baby #6, another son, in late October 2015. Doctors and specialists still can't point to a specific reason for our losses.  In 2016, we have resolved to stop trying to carry and pursue another adoption.

Although I am relatively healthy, I have been diagnosed with low progesterone, hypothyroidism, PCOS, Antiphospholipid Antibodies Syndrome, Raynaud's Disorder, and other unknown autoimmune issues. I also have been diagnosed as having the BRCA genetic mutation that causes breast and sometimes ovarian cancer. I often blog about femininity and faith in relation to infertility and sickness, and I love sharing about adoption and finding identity in Christ.

You can contact me on any of my social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) or send me an email at brianakbwilson@gmail.com.

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