Wednesday, September 02, 2015


So I have like a 100 drafts on Blogger never published. I ranted about current events. I wrote about faith. Most were incomplete because life has been busy like whoa. (but let's be honest, that's always the case...) I keep saying I'm going to sit down and blog, but I am just pooped. Summer ended way too abruptly. No matter how much I tried to ween myself out of summertime and back into school mode, I still feel like a fish out of water at first. Even almost two weeks in. While Mak went to summer camp and Jake worked, I took one last fling to Whitney's and spent some beach time. Y'all know what Pawley's Island does to my soul.

We also spent that last weekend of summer fishing at Crowders. And we got our hair cut! I had a few weeks off from grad school, so we relaxed and just enjoyed each other, working a few days here and there. My classroom was ready way ahead of time and I really felt like I was ready. I was not. I don't know if it's just my hormones or if it's just how the first week is, but whoa... I was moody on the first day, emotional and we wayyy overslept on the second. Day three was better. I'm getting my bearings, and I do think it's going to be a good year. I greatly miss my now ninth graders. My new seventh graders are so sweet, and in astounded by how much my eighth graders have matured and grown.

Makinzy's fifth grade year is off to a good start, too. She's loving school most of the time, and I really feel like she's got some great teachers. She gets a little whiny about the amount of homework she has now and I can't help but laugh knowing how much worse it's going to get. Though she has been INSANELY moody and mean lately. Just snotty at home. I try to blame it on her little hormones, but sometimes I wonder... will this last forever? I hope she grows out of this phase fast, because I miss my sweet baby girl.  How is it possible she's almost 11?

In the Maybe-A-Baby Saga...
Today, I had an IUI. Our practice round of treatment went well. Follicles obeyed and I ovulated. Cycle day 1 came without medical help, and we have geared up for the real deal this time. I took Letrazole on days 3-7, and I had 13 lovely follicles on each ovary ready to grow. My RE was right and my blood work levels continued to improve. So we went back a few days later another ultrasound to watch my follicles. It was Sunday morning, of all times, and I had a bit of a scare when Dr. T was like, you're ovulating! It's go time! Blood work showed I needed just bit longer, so it wasn't too soon to do a booster (or trigger) shot of Ovidrel. We did the shot Monday night, and then today, Wednesday we did the IUI procedure. In four days, I'll begin progesterone and prednisone, and then Lovenox after the TWW. Then, hopefully, I'll be pregnant, and I'll stay pregnant. I'm hesitantly hopeful and optimistic. I'm realistic though. But, I am also persuaded to faith. I have no idea what awaits us, but I know He is faithful to give us the strength to face whatever lies ahead. I am eating pineapple cores and drinking raspberry tea, and Jake and I keep making jokes and keeping each other lighthearted. And I just keep trying to trust Him. He knows my heart's desires, and I know He has me in His hands.

On a last side note - my sweet husband continuously makes me proud. I can't get over him. He, at 29 years old, has been recently elected a deacon at our church, and he's already doing amazing things as an Assistant Principal. I can't tell you how many people come tell me what a great job he's doing or how much they respect him. He's humble. He's kind. He's passionate and hardworking. And through all these crazy adventures of ours - adopting and raising our sassy Junie B. Jones-meets-Ramona-meets-Orphan Annie and this miscarriage and infertility journey - well, there is just no one else who I'd rather be in this with than him. It is an absolute honor to be his wife, and next to my own adoption as God's child, he is, and will always remain, my greatest blessing.

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