Friday, July 03, 2015

Summertime 2015, part 1.

Holy smokes, summertime.


I can't believe we're already to July. After the 4th, it's a slippery slope right back to school. And y'all, as much as love-love-love my kids and my job, I stinkin' love me some summertime.
So when I saw this floating on Facebook, I laughed so hard. I mean I legit love summer, and couldn't help but relate.

Anyways. So far, here's a recap of our adventures. School ended June 11th for teachers, so our first weekend was spend celebrating our anniversary and for me, finishing up my first summer grad school class (ugh), then the very next week we got the chance to chaperone our church's youth group's trip to St. Simon's Island, GA. We did this back the summer before Mak came, and it was such a relaxing and fun trip. The kids get a real chance to just hang out with you, get to know you, and it's at a Methodist-run facility, so it's so low-key and easy. The beautiful sunsets, wide open beaches, Spanish-moss covered trees by the river make a real picturesque place to have some devotional time with God, so this is a trip that benefits me spiritually too. Mak got to hang out with Nana, and she's got children's church camp coming up herself in August!

The very next week, we jumped right into VBS. Our church did Lifeway's Journey Off the Map theme, and I taught 5th grade (rising 6th) like I do each year. Jake assisted, like usual. I had a first-time decision in my class, and it never fails to give me chills (and another healthy dose of humility) to get to lead an eager young person through the sinner's prayer for the first time. Praying together under a tree in the grass, I got to help a young man ask Jesus in his heart, and that made the decoration and set up, the lesson planning, and the early mornings so, so, so worth every bit of it. It's also a great way to get to know many of my future students.  I really love getting to see my students through church where they can get to know me in a Christian context and as a friend, cheerleader, and mentor.

This week has been much more unstructured for our family. My second grad school class has started, but with nothing big on the calendar, we took the opportunity to sleep in and get lost in books. I have read through about 5 murder mysteries on my iPad this week alone. So between reading for school and reading for pleasure, we've spent a lot of time in books! My poor FitBit numbers are abysmal, but hey, it's like the only week we get to do this. We also took some time to get some things for our upcoming trip to Mexico - Mak wanted a Spanish-English phrasebook/dictionary (and she's spent a healthy amount of time laying in between us in bed or across her trampoline studying it!). She's so excited. I can't tell you how proud I am of how much she's growing and maturing. She still has some residual issues we still are working on, but honestly, she's becoming such a good kid. I love her personality and sense of humor. Teary mom moment.

Probably the biggest developments this summer so far are these two things - first, Jake has a job in administration. He has accepted a position and we couldn't be more excited. We prayed God would place him somewhere good for the students and school, good for our district, good for his career, and good for our family, and God delivered all around. So blessed. :) Secondly, not exciting though - my mom has had a diagnosis of skin cancer. While it is the less scary kind (basal cell carcinoma as opposed to melanoma), I can't help but tremble at the C-word. I feel peace, though, and I know God has her in His hands through that journey. She will have surgery later this summer.

So there you have it. Our summer, so far.

I don't have to get into the other going-ons of the summer - my Facebook newsfeed is covered in gay pride flags, confederate flags, and shark attack reports. I have tried to keep my political ideals to myself (I have always said I think politics should be discussed over coffee, not the Internet), but I will say this much: God's love is so much bigger than all of this. We get caught up in the pettiest stuff. The law of the land has no effect on God's law. Divorce is legal (and thriving even in the church) and I believe it is as much at odds with God's definition of marriage as gay marriage is. The confederate flag is just one of many riffs creating racial tension, and it's going to take more than its removal from the state house to fix the hate in the hearts of so many on both sides of issue. Frankly, I am not really concerned with what flag you fly (or don't fly), I am more eager to ask you if you know my Jesus. I find this fourth of July I will spend more time praying for America than I have before.

Happy 4th, y'all. 

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Melissa said...

Based on what you said about divorce/gay marriage, etc, I'm thinking we have the exact same viewpoint! AND what you said about discussing politics over coffee & not the internet! Ahhhh! My facebook feed is killing me slowly (by people on both sides of the issue).

Love your summer, it sounds amazing so far!! Except the grad school bit, ha. Hope it slows down a little before you have to go back to teach!