Saturday, July 25, 2015

A smoking gun?

Hypothyroidism, it seems is a source of a bit of controversy, and no one seems to agree what levels are "normal" for TSH. When I had my thyroid testing done it was said it was normal. So, you know, I thought it was normal. Who knew "normal" is such a highly debated idea. From the research I've gathered, it seems like normal depends on your situation.
A TSH level above 10 is pretty widely accepted as abnormal.  Like, your general family doctor would be all "whoa" and treat you.
A TSH level between .4 and 5.0 is most optimal.
A TSH level between 5 and 10 is elevated, but not necessarily going to be treated by a doctor. An endocrinologist, however, would notice.
But, if you are trying to conceive or sustain a pregnancy, more than 3 is going to elevate your risk of miscarriage. 

Mine was 5.7. 

This New York Times article on it says it best:
"My good friend Marty Surks is not impressed and doesn't think you should treat patients with a T.S.H. between 5 and 10, but there's mounting evidence that over 2.5 is abnormal," said Dr. Wartofsky, an endocrinologist and professor at Georgetown School of Medicine.

The more I dig into this, the more shocked I am. A study by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemisty said that 95% of Americans have a thyroid TSH level less than 2.5.
So statistical normal is less than 2.5? And pregnancy women should be less than 3? And most normal levels are less than 5? AND NO ONE THOUGHT MINE WAS HIGH.
I am a bit angry about it

This, plus untreated APS. Ugh. 

I have lost 5 babies. 

I am on HRT now. Hormone Replacement Therapy. The cocktail I'm taking is making me a bit crazy. Crazy and angry isn't a good combination. 

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