Sunday, June 14, 2015


The school year this year took forever to end. I was tired, though it was a particularly hard one to let go of simply because I had one of those years when you get pretty attached to your kids. I particularly didn't want to say goodbye to my 8th graders. Funny. I was ready for summertime and school be over, but I really didn't want the time with the kids to end. I think is how teaching is supposed to be and if I ever feel otherwise I will change jobs. I truly believe the way to a child's brain is through the heart. When you stop loving them, it's time to change careers. I had a few parents thank me personally for making a difference in their children both personally and academically, and it humbled me to think about the honor and responsibility that comes with it. 

On a similar note, summer vacation has begun humbly for the Wilson family. Graduate school is kicking my behind. I'm out of practice at being a college student, and adding motherhood to that makes it a thousand times harder. Not to mention the course I just finished up  a semester long three credit hour course compacted into a mere four weeks. I finished early and gratefully have a week or two off before the next course begins. 

On top of the stressors that come with grad school, we had to spend $1,200 in unexpected automotive repairs this month that left us zilch in discretionary spending funds. Jake had asked me earlier what I thought we should get each other for our anniversary (usually we buy things we can do together, like our kayaks, for example) and I truly couldn't think of a thing I wanted or needed. My thoughts? I wanted a watermelon. I kid you not. The only thing I could think of that I wanted was a heirloom variety of watermelon grown in SC. I read about them on NPR, and told Jake, even though they aren't available until late summer, I would patiently wait and he agreed and found my odd gift request endearing rather than weird.It worked out perfectly that I had made such a inexpensive request when the unexpected expenses hit us. Today [our 7th wedding anniversary and 12th anniversary of that first date to Zaxby's and that horribly predictable movie] was spent going to church, cooking together, visiting family, cleaning, running some errands, and packing for a week chaperoning the church youth group's beach trip. We last got the chance to do this the summer before Makinzy, 2011. 

Anyways, for sure, it was a low key anniversary. As I was working on supper, I ended up scrounging around the fridge and pantry to throw us something together. I did not want to go buy groceries just to be gone a week, and knew we could do it, but going out to eat was not wise with all the cash we've had to spend the month, so I vowed to make supper happen somehow with what we had. No bread, no milk, no eggs. I had everything to make spaghetti but I really didn't feel like it, not to mention I made a tomato pie yesterday with a homemade crust and stewed squash, and earlier that day we had cooked together sautéed chicken breasts with green beans, zucchini, and rolls, all of which were things I needed to use up before we left. I ended up making turkey wraps with pasta salad and fruit salad, and as Jake was doing the dishes afterwards, I apologized that our anniversary dinner was not more glamorous or exciting. He stopped me and very softly yet firmly reminded me how blessed we are. He very simply explained how on a global scale, we are like kings, and thrown together or not, it was delicious. He reminded me of how many people globally live off a bowl of rice, of how kids even locally have preprepared packaged dinners and depend on lunch programs for meals. And while a tortilla wrap stuffed with turkey, mixed greens, feta cheese, sliced red peppers, and avocado ranch dressing, with Italian pasta salad with mushrooms, and fruit salad made with apples, pineapple, and fresh local peaches may not be gourmet or fancy by some standards, it sure as heck was living the good life. I was humbled. For our anniversary, I got a good dose of thankfulness. I slept in and cuddled my husband, and I looked into his adoration-filled eyes. I cuddled, giggled, and wrestled with a ten year old who was in one of her rare lovey dovey can't-get-enough-Mommy moods that I cherish. We all cooked, cleaned, laughed, and just did life together. I, after talking with Jake, couldn't help but feel so overwhelmingly humble to have been given so much. How blessed I am.