Friday, April 24, 2015

On the importance of friendship, and other thoughts.

If you're my friend on social media (and if not, you probably should be, especially if you stalk my blog) then you saw our pilgrimage to the beach and reunion with The Best Friends.

Casie, Whitney, Elizabeth, and I spent the week cooking ourselves tanning on Pawleys Island, roaming around Georgetown and Myrtle Beach, cooking dinner together, and taking walks down to the neighborhood dock where the SC state bird mosquitos lavished themselves on my legs.


It was worth every itch, and every bit of the sunburn.

JP (AKA Jalisa, a co-worker of my husband who's turned into a true BFF for me) and I got to go shopping and out to eat a few times together, and we had such a good time. Plus her emoji filled texts blowing up my phone make my heart smile.

I've had a blast with my friends this spring. As crazy testing season begins, and the marathon to the end of year starts, especially coming down off the hormones and emotions of the last miscarriage (which I think made me literally crazy this time. Crazzzzy...), I so, so, so needed that. The laughs, the coffee and Good Morning America and singing along together riding down Hwy 17, texts that make me snort, and last minute dinner plans for hot wings.

These things keep me human.

When I feel grief bubbling in my stomach, rising in my throat, and making me want only to close my eyes indefinitely.

When I'm just too tired from a job that keeps me constantly on the edge.

When I'm  worn from watching cancer take someone I love and heartbroken seeing my parents and family fighting in their own ocean of difficulty.

When I see news articles on heart-wrenching tragedy I can't begin to comprehend.

It's hugs, it's encouraging messages, it's shared smiles and laughs.
These are the things He gives to us to help us through. His provision. He made us to have relationships. Otherwise, this fallen world would just be too much.

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Melissa said...

True friends are THE BEST! I don't know what I would do without some of mine... especially in this infertility world. xoxo