Saturday, January 31, 2015


I revamped the blog a bit today (Jake was grad school writing, the kiddo was reading, I was bored) and I realized I never came back and shared my goals and "resolutions" for 2015. Well, here we are. The last day of January and 1/12th of the way through the year, and so far I'm doing okay-ish on my goals. I divided them up into categories, and here they are, shared for posterity and, hopefully, accountability.

- Work towards The Dream (opening my own coffee shop) through research, part time employment, and business planning in a quantifiable way. Basically, I hope to work a part time job at a coffee shop this summer and get a realistic idea of the steps I will need to take. 
-Get my AIG add-on certificate from a reputable university. I'm currently applying to UNCC. AIG/gifted education is my job focus currently, and I think it will be do me good to get back in collegiate atmosphere, where I want to be, learn, and do more as a teacher... and why no masters plans? Well, financially with NC cutting masters pay (thanks, sucky people in Raleigh!) it doesn't offer much return on the investment, and with me seeing myself going into small business ownership in the next 5-10 years, there just doesn't seem the point. 

-Work out three times a week, regularly to maintain and continue to lose weight. Also, get back to recording food consumption and track movement via the Fitbit. This worked great mid-2014, and I slacked in the latter 3rd of the year. I've not done well on this so far... Mak got the flu, really annoying cold weather, short days, busy weeks with Jake at seminars/class/conferences/programs/etc. I am making excuses, I know, but spring will be better. It always is. 
-Improve running skills by participating in at least 2 5Ks during 2015. 
-Continue to practice and cultivate relationships and hobbies that enrich my life (in no particular order: making time for friendships and girl dates, bubble baths, manicures, getting lost in psychological thrillers, lipstick wearing, French cooking, etc.) This one's easy and fun to do; but also easy to forget to do... I promise to take care of me more. 

-Improve my relationship with Mak by continuing to work on calm, tactical responses that don't involve me losing my temper, and delivering consequences in clear, logical ways. I also want to make sure I praise and encourage her when she's doing well and remind her of how much of a blessing she is. 
-Put the house on the market and leave it 'til it sells. If we purchase a home, wait until we KNOW it' the one. 
-Visit ALL state parks within a short drive (Day trip) for family fun. 
-Put electronics away before bedtime, so I don't fall asleep cuddled to Facebook rather than cuddled to Jake. This one is harddddd. It's so easy to scroll or read in bed, but we really must do this so not to miss out on one another.
-Make a more cognizant of my husband's needs, be it my attention, quiet/alone time, a touch, or encouragement, whathaveyou.
-PRAY, PRAY, PRAY about adopting again, then go in whatever direction He indicates. I'm listening!

It sounds like a lot, but really, I just want to things that are good for my heart (literally, and spiritually) and good for my family, and keeping us moving forward into 2015 a positive way. January has been icky because it is ALWAYS icky... we're all freezing cold, craving sunshine, broke from Christmas, fluey or sickly, and just wanting our beds, so I don't rag on myself too bad for not being on my A game this month. But for an icky time of year, we've done some fun stuff. Hiked, baked, cuddled, applied to grad school. If I gave January a grade it would be a B-. I can't complain! I'm excited and hopeful about what 2015 will bring for us. And if it's like the last 3 years, it's going to have it's share of storms. Like He always is, I have hope that my Savior will be there to calm to winds and still the waves.