Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Wrap Up.

Blogging has been increasingly further from my mind this year, and I regret to say I haven't but a handful of posts in 2014. Not for a lack of topics! Hardly! I'm just kind of been eehh and mmehhh about writing about it. So a quick recap, mostly for posterity and journaling's sake.
Jan-March: Began 2014 wide-eyed and optimistic, as I do each year. Snow, some great weekends away, trip to Space Camp, found out I was pregnant in February, basked in the excitement and shivered in fear for all of March.
Late Spring: miscarriage, leave of absence from work, basic survival for a while. Ran my first 5K and lost 30 pounds by eating well and working out. Discovered a love of baked kale and protein smoothies.
Summer: Left my awesome job at MICS, soaked up the sun on any lake, river, or ocean within a day's drive, vacationed in Florida, played switcharoo schools and accepted my current position as an English teacher for gifted/talented students at the best school in the county, found out how much I liked running in the rain. 
Fall: BUSY! Celebrated Mak's 10th (Ah!) birthday, took part in all our cinnamon-season traditions like pumpkin patch visiting and carving, mountain trips for apples and seeing the leaves, etc. We ate lots of salted caramel things, went to the fair, and spent Saturday mornings on the soccer field. ;) We were crazy busy this year with Jake's new internship at the Early College High School and my new position, but it was exceedingly cool to get to car pool and not sit in the afternoon exodus of traffic from Charlotte and work 10 minutes from home and 3 minutes from my daughter, especially convenient that one day when a kid puked on her. We made a trip to Carowinds (theme parks are DISGUSTING in the summer, but kinda fun and refreshing on crisp fall days, just saying). I joined a wonderful ladies group at church, which has been good, though I'm starting to feel stagnant again.  I think it's just me, though, and a funk I've been in because of the holidays. I digress. Anyways.  Fall. We got a Nespresso machine, deepened our love of french pressed coffee, and discovered the wonders of a red eye. We went to a lovely wedding of an old friend and got a great weekend away together. Unfortunately, this is the time of year I most neglect in my blogging just out of sheer lack of time, but it also tends to be a very transformative season for us. This fall, I also developed a new friendship (winking at you, Jalisa!), read a ton of thrillers and suspense novels (my newest genre), practiced learning the guitar (that was fleeting), and found some new music to obsess over (Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontage, Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isokov...) So, again, blogging was very sidelined.
Winter: Jake and I really delve into our passion for coffee, and got a manual espresso machine. I pull a decent shot, and I can get a decent micro-foam. We're more and more convinced we WILL open a coffee shop some day (SOON?) and I can live out my barista dreams. I took my mom to The Southern Season in Chapel Hill for a cooking class for her birthday and we had a blast. I also went through a few weeks of obsessively cooking French recipes and watching old episodes of Julia Child on Youtube. Christmas parties, traditons, and other annual happenings kept us busy. Makinzy and I spent an entire day together running last minute Christmas errands together and she was absolutely amazing all day. Like a miniature BFF. I didn't have to fuss, argue, discipline, or anything. We have days like that sometimes, and I cherish them. There's a definite ebb and flow to our relationships. Somedays I'm banging my head against the wall, and others, I'm counting each freckle and kissing them all. That's totally normal parenting life, though, so I hear. We bought new living room furniture, cleaned out Mak's room (well, Jake did- the guy loves to purge as much as the kid loves to hord), and gave and received some great gifts and spent lots of good time together. Recently, Jake and I did this really fun coffee shop crawl and had so much deliciousness we ended up with the jitters, which for us 12 cups a day-ers, takes an obscene amount of caffeine. I even got asked to come behind the counter and pull a shot on a GORGEOUS machine with a lever and pulled a fairly decent shot for a newb. It was fun.

So we're finally in that hoodies and slippers twilight zone between Christmas and New Years which is the only time of year when it's totally acceptable to vege on the couch with quilts and a bag of chips (at least ours are now dried veggies or nuts and not just Lay's) and scroll through Twitter then cuddle together, and the kiddo is either playing or reading or getting some screen time herself and we're all just happy and hanging out and resting. I'm still banging around the tangible, doable, sharable resolutions, and I'll have to come back and write them down sometime soon. Jake and I have been doing resolutions together for years, and though they aren't popular to do, we have had a lot of success with writing resolutions together and coming up with actionable items that help us try new things, improve our health, and grow as Christians and as humans. It works for us.

So there's the wrap up of 2014. I'll be back to share my resolutions, one of which might need to blog more!

PS. I almost accidentally deleted this post write after I wrote it because of the ancient username and account I still have this thing on. Considering the age of this blog (2007!?), I wonder if 2015 should begin with something new??? 


Anonymous said...

Your blog is such awesome sauce! I'll build you a website!

LoveTHomas09 said...

I love reading your blogs and know that you also lost weight through eating right and working out. I this you are a amazing person...