Saturday, September 06, 2014

Adventures, always.

I think I've drafted this post about ten times in random five minute windows only to delete them, lose them, or forget them. I've not posted since July and there's no good reason other than filling up my time with other things. Good things! New jobs, some good books, and a whole lot of running, mainly. 

So, to update.
On a whim that it was time to do something different, I did not accept a contract for another year at my school on the lake, where I worked under the best boss ever with the easiest kids ever. Crazy, right. It just felt like it was the right time. There were some administrative and curricular changes, and more so than that, I was tired of the drive and the disconnect. So I applied elsewhere, and by June was offered a job at a closer charter school that had just got started. The school I wanted had filled positions from within the county, and so I went with my second choice. I signed a contract in July and fast forward to August and I had the whole back to school freakout. So much to buy and do and plan and set up. Anyways, the school I had wanted from the get go had a last minute opening (due to a last minute decision to retire) and at first I thought it was just too late for me, but after prayer and realizing that though I really liked everyone there, I just wasn't feeling peace about my new school, I applied on a Sunday evening. By Monday morning I had an interview and subsequently a new job, just a week before kids. My other school graciously accepted my resignation, and there were no negative feelings there. It was kinda bittersweet. The peace and purpose found me, and I landed in my dream job. I have a huge room, I have amazing students, a fantastic schedule, easy commute, and technology coming out my ears. It also made sense logistically and financially. I have plenty of resources, lots of freedom, and it's easy on our family. Not to mention we're just two weeks in and I have already cried over how blessed I am to know and love my kiddos, specifically one young lady who I am determined to make a difference in, who has already inspired me. I have goofy boys who make me laugh and quiet souls who I want to know more of. I have quirky ones and chatty ones and happy ones. I have great students. 

I'm down thirty pounds, as well, I didn't read as much this summer, nor did I blog or cook, mostly due to walking and running so much. I can say my life is so much healthier than it used to be. I drink kale juice and I'm known as the runner by  folks I run into in the grocery store, I kid you not. I wear tennis shoes as much if not more than heels or flip flops, and I wear sweat wicking clothes not just because of the Carolina heat. It's crazy. But I'm really liking the new me, and I'm excited to see where this leads. We've been so active this summer, from running the backside trail and the lake path at Crowders Mountain, climbing South Mountain and more recently Stone Mountain (NC) over Labor Day weekend. It's been a lot if work but also a lot of fun. 

We also celebrated Mak's tenth birthday. We had her party at the Y pool last weekend though her birthday isn't actually until this week. I still can't believe this baby girl has hit the double digits. She's such a mess, and she is truly a blessing. School has started off well for her, and I'm really hoping it continues. She likes her teacher, and we hope she pushes her to not get lazy with her work. The teacher has a background in reading instruction, which is where Mak needs constant reinforcement. 4th grade could be an excellent year for her, though at the exact same time, I die a little seeing her become so big and grown and independent. 

So that's life. It's hot September days of soccer practice, homework and lesson plans, figuring out what's for dinner and how much time do we have to squeeze in a workout. Hectic, yeah, but also quite happy. 
Season four of soccer!
Healthy and happy.
Ten years old.
Adventures, always.

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Melissa said...

Aw! Happy birthday, Makinzy! Glad to hear y'all are doing well, Briana! :) Awesome about the weightloss & running!! And the new school! xoxo