Friday, May 16, 2014

Friends, Sales, and Social Media.

I’ve “written” this blog post a thousand times in my head over the last few weeks and it’s finally bubbled out and made its way into typed sentences. It’s just got to be said. 

A whole lot of my friends are becoming “entrepreneurs” and “starting their own business” as of late. They are becoming consultants, distributors, and representatives. Lately, I feel like I log into Facebook and daily see a friend excitedly announce that they are proudly launching their new career. First of all, that’s great, and I wish them well. I know it’s hard these days. Jobs are hard to come by, and even when you have a good job, money is still tight. I get that. I admire that. Let me be clear. But I think people have to have some boundaries when it comes to these so called careers, and where they draw the line. It’s one of the reason the entire direct sales marketing concept makes me a little grossed out. It’s just too messy. It clogs up the friendship pipes and chokes out any communication I have with that person because everything now revolves around the product being sold. 
I know folks selling Origami Owl, It Works, Thirty-One, Tupperware, Jamberry, Younique, Avon, Mary Kay, AdvoCare, Herbalife, Pampered Chef, Plexus, Visalus, Partylite, Tastefully Simple, Premier Jewelry, Aloette, BeautiControl, Stampin’ Up, Pure Romance, Intitals, Inc., and Intitals Outfitters,  Scentsy, some snap on bag company, and there’s bra and jean companies too. Yeah, that’s a LOT.
Once you announce you’re now a distributor/consultant/whatever your company calls you, we do make a mental note that we can purchase those products from you. You don’t have to blast that fact out every single day. We know. I promise, if I suddenly decide I have to have whatever it is you're selling, and I simultaneously end up with an extra wad of cash to blow on that product, I will call you or message you. I promise. I’ll let you know. Stop asking. Stop reminding. Just stoppppppp. 
Also, please post more than just advertisements and business plugs. I am friends with you because we are.. wait for it.. friends! I care about what’s happening in your life and would like to see and hear about it. Likewise, being friends means I’d appreciate it when you care about mine, and when all you do is use my photos or updates as a chance to toss out how your product is exactly what I need, well, it comes off a bit selfish. I’d appreciate being seen as more than just a potential sale. And for the LOVE, stop telling me I need to host a party, or God forbid, sign up to sell something too. If that desire ever changes, once again, I’ll let you know, promise. 

I’ll close with this. First, dear friends, reach outside your friendship circles with your business, and know that if we need something, we’ll letcha know. Don’t let your entire identity be  all about your sales and the wonders of your amazing product. I miss your selfies and pics of your kids and your dinner time Instagram food shots, because guess what, I like you. Lastly, know that I hope your business succeeds. I hope it helps you pay down debt, work from home, have more flexible hours or whatever you signed on to accomplish. I really do. Thanks for hearing my plea and best of luck. :)

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