Friday, April 11, 2014


Ways to heal a broken heart: A short list.

  • Take a time out on life. Work will be there 'til you retire. Use up your days. Don't worry about "if you need them" because you need them now. And if you don't get paid, remember you can't take money with you.
  • Cry. Whenever. Little Cry. Cute Cry. Ugly Cry. Nasty Cry.
  • Bake and eat and cook and treasure what yummy thing you've made. Then eat it with someone special. Bonus points for feeding a grateful crowd. Jake's grad class on Thursday really, really liked my lemon bars.
  • Let your little girl fall asleep in your arms. Better yet, fall asleep in hers.
  • Let Mama help. 
  • Write.
  • Visit with friends.
  • Take a trip. Getaways to special places that remind you of life's beauty.
  • Be anonymous. Go shopping, exploring, walking, and be alone in a crowd. Go to movie or a show, and just be a person. Not a sad person. Just a person.
  • Laugh. Let a belly laugh go and laugh until you wheeze. 
  • Find a library. Find a good book. Watch movies you've always wanted to see and escape to someone else's perspective for a little while. I might change how you see your own.
  • Say no. No, I can't help. No, I can't come. No, I won't. Sorry, but 100% of my energy is going to repairing my heart.
  • Watch nature. Sit under a tree. Channel Wordsworth, Frost, or Dickinson, and just be. 
  • Buy something new that makes you smile.
  • Make memories.
Most of all, keep living. Keep continuing to live in Him, in the beauty that He's made.

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