Sunday, September 08, 2013

How’s school going?

I flaked on the whole back-to-school post.

Here’s the quick recap before I fall over and conk out on the keyboard…

  • It was a mad race to finish with the big move to our new school, but we did it. We couldn’t print for the first week and didn’t have rosters til the first day and nobody knew if they were coming or going, but we pulled it off. 3 days down, 177 to go.
  • being the only one who’s done it before means youre the one who must often teach and lead and bring others up to speed. translation? dead. tired.
  • planning a 9 year old b-day party the week of back to school was like planning my own suicide. pulling the party together almost killed me, but the kiddo had a blast.
  • my 100 babies (er. students. they are sooooo little to me! fresh outta the elementary craddle!) are very different, but I like them. can’t help it.
  • I’m a tad overwhelmed, but in that happy way, kinda like that part of college when you’re in your core program classes, not the gen ed stuff, and though you feel like someone has waxed the floor with your face, you kinda like the feeling? anybody get me? probably not
  • I’ve gotten pretty pissed off at folks dissing charter schools lately and I’ve started speaking up when people start going off on them and I am quick to correct misconceptions and rumors about who we are and what we do.
    Ps… if you wanna know what I think, watch this video- in general, I really like how this guy explains them:
    What is a Charter School?

End of story??

-I’m so tired, but glad to be a part of something big, exciting, and challenging. My job may not be my calling for life, but for right now, I enjoy what I get to do!

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