Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dear Makinzy,

Oh, sweet pea. It's been two years since my world was rocked and you landed in my arms and changed me forever. It seems like forever ago though. Tonight I'm watching you surf fish in your camo bathing suit and pink bow. I'm watching how in love your grandparents are, how tenderly your daddy helps you, his eyes warm and happy. Your personality has blossomed. You've got so much spunk and fire. You are brave and courageous like your daddy, always ready for an adventure. You say the wittest things. You can be wild and untamable, just like he was as a boy. Like me, you're social and talkative. You fearlessly make friends with anyone, anywhere. You love stories and knowing things, even though you have to make yourself slow down enough to listen. It thrills my heart to know how much happiness abides in you. I see sometimes a flicker of pain at the thought of the first seven years of your life, and even sometimes nostalgia at the good times, missing them a little. You love music and being on the water just like we do. You love helping, and you have the same stubborn streak I have. I swear, sometimes I truly can't believe I didn't birth you myself. I love our little wink when someone says how much we look a like, or when we see those wild kids out and about. I love your smell, your freckles, the way you always get a wedgie in your swimsuit no matter how many times you fix it. I love your tears and your giggles when you get cracked up. And don't even get me started on the way you sleep. You look like heaven when you sleep, and it makes my heart feel like it is literally going to burst with love to watch you sleep. You're beautiful inside and out. I am so in love. Being your Mama is a hard job, I won't lie. I loose my temper, we argue sometimes. Disciplining you is no easy task. You know what buttons to push. You can be relentless. But you know my love for you is so fierce. And being your mommy more than anything, sweet girl. You are my greatest joy. 

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