Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Posts that were started and not finished.

A overview of blog posts I’ve started and not finished.

-Ranting over politics. Summary: 1. As much as we want to, we can’t legislate morality. Sinners will still sin, and God’s word still stands. I’ll vote based on my beliefs everytime, but that’s me. What erks me most is when a state’s voters’ choice is overthrown by the federal government. 2. Calling conservatives biggots for their values, and calling liberals whatever else for theirs gets nothing done. This whole mess is a weapon of mass distraction. While we Christians are getting riled up over this, homes are falling apart. Children are parentless (either literally or with ones who are might near worthless), marriages are crumbling, and we are neglecting to share the love of Christ with the hurting, filling their lives with substance rather that Spirit. Homosexuality is sin, will always be a sin, and I personally will always vote against it, anything in support of this lifestyle, but so much time/money/energy spent stopping them from marrying is out of line in terms of priorities. So it DOMA was overturned. Darn. Hate that. Oh well, and move on!

-Paula Deen and the uproar over the N-word. My (gay) friend Nate said it best on FB… suing/firing her is ludicrous. Should then everyone who has muttered fag to or about a homosexual person have that same kind of retribution for past errors? Such utterances are wrong, true, but let’s not be dramatic.

-I really like frying things. I’m happiest when I’m wearing an apron and have something sizzling in the frying pan. Or when I’m reading. Currently into psychological thrillers/suspense. Also discovered another library where the librarian has learned mine and my daughter’s names by heart already. And I’ve breezed through quite a number of novels in the last few weeks.

-My sweet friend Casie’s little boy was born, and he’s doing well with his surgeries for his spina bifida and hydrocephalous. I’m so proud of her as mom and thrilled that Elam is making progress and doing well. He’s going to be an amazing little man and God sooo has a plan for his life. I’m so excited to watch what the Lord does through him!

There’s more. In fact, it seems I have a habit of starting a blog post and getting worn out of bored before I finish, so into the draft box it goes never to be finished. I’m sure this could be a whole post of self-analysis too.

Nevertheless, I’ve purged my musings for now. :)

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