Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I’ve lost track of the number times I’ve driven to Georgetown/Pawleys over the last few weeks, but the gas has been so worth it for the memories made and cares lost. I’ve lost a lot of glum on the back roads of 527 through the butt crack of SC… it’s easy to see the world through happier eyes when the sun is shining, fields are blowing in the breeze, your hand is out the window, radio is up, and your on your way to see people who love you, coming or going. All that ughhh inside kind of gets sucked out and left in the dust behind you.

Whitney’s wedding festivities have been so fun. I came down for a much needed break back in early February, and again in March for Spring Break, but the first time we came down as a family this year was in April. Mak had a baby sitter there in town, the daughter of Whit’s mom’s best friend, and a family I’ve grown to know and love from my many pilgrimages down. She was in great hands as we attended a beautiful shower and barbeque on the Black River, and with Mak out cold, after a fun evening with Miss Taylor, we were able to bide a few more hours and go out to the Roost, the best little bar downtown and hangout. I was pregnant at the time and enjoyed decaf coffee and a breeze from the harbor, talking with friends old and new. It was a fantastic weekend, even with the speeding ticket Jake got in Kingstree thanks to a really ridiculous speed trap.

The next weekend was Mother’s Day and Mak made it memorable by getting me face masks and facial cream and asking to do facials with me for Mother’s Day. It was precious and totally her idea. She even insisted on a cucumber. I was an emotional wreck that week as the feelings left over from the miscarriage came bubbling up. I was moody and teary and- just a hot mess. I was so grateful for the next weekend as I left Friday for the bachelorette weekend.

We stayed in a condo at Litchfield, 6 girls, long time friends. Friday we watched cheesy wedding themed movies, shared blankets, and chilled. We talked on the roof top and did a whole lot of nothing. Saturday we work up and dressed for the Lingerie Shower, sipped mimosas, and smiled for pictures. We left, changed out of our dresses, and went to Murrell’s Inlet for lunch on the water, in the midst of bike week, then came back to the condo to rest and get dressed for a painting lesson and heading out on the town. We started off the evening at a place called Pallete to Palate where we sipped wine and champagne and painted a Mahi-mahi step by step. We went to Myabi’s, a shnazzy Japanese steakhouse where the flirty chef felt really bad about splashing me with soy sauce. :/ We ended the night with trip to my favorite hole in the wall- a restaurant and bar tucked into the woods, where live oaks wrapped in white lights draped in Spanish moss, surround a little deck with a little stage. And I let my hair down. There was an abundance of shots (as is the case anytime there’s a girl in a bride to be sash) and so we had a night we will always remember. The ride home the next day was interesting, considering a wreck on that old back road sent me on a wild goose chase through the middle of no where, and my head still pounded a little and my car still smelled a little like the Bride’s tossed supper. I couldn’t help but smile.

In between this and the actual wedding was EOG testing, the epitome of stressful in the teaching world. My kids did great (I guess- how am I really supposed to know since I can’t really know what’s on the test) and I made it through the week. A last minute trip to the nail salon, quick packing, and a few blinks later, we were on the way, the three of us, plus my parents following behind. The wedding week was a blur- bridal luncheon on the river (more mimosas and smiles for the camera by the river), rehearsal lead by a pair of sassy church ladies, a gorgeous rehearsal dinner complete with perlo and low country boil and many great toasts, and then a late night trip to the Roost again where we all flirted, laughed, and joked for hours. The next morning, wedding day was full of hair appointments, dressing times, photo times, and then finally the ceremony itself. It was such a great wedding. At the reception, we sipped a signature drink- the Slingshot- a  yummy berry/coconut concoction that matched our dresses and was named after a Myrtle beach attraction where the bride and groom went on their first date. I got to catch up with so many friends from over the years, and I was glad my parents got to see me and my Georgetown friends together and why I love them so much. I danced with groomsmen (including this ridiculously flirty WestPoint boy from NC, ha, bless his heart), Trey (graduating law school), Kaith (a Teaching Fellow like myself, now breaking hearts as a high school history teacher), Brandon (a doctor, just completing his PhD, and obviously, I spun around in the arms of Jake, who danced with Whit’s mom and anyone else who was willing to twirl. We Harlem shook, Zach (the bride’s brother) booty danced Grandma, and I pulled him around by his suspenders. It was so. much. fun. There was bumping and grinding, swinging and twirling, low dancing, and of course, the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Thank goodness for that WestPoint boy because I just can’t hang with Jake when it come to the Cotton-Eyed Joe, he’s just too good. :) We covered the car in graffiti and filled it with balloons. Whit covered my face in icing, deciding she wasn’t done yet, after she attacked her groom. Makinzy had the freedom to play with the other kids her age and dance too, but she got so disobedient, mean, and grumpy (we still can’t quite put our finger on why she came so undone), that we problem-solved and put her to bed on a pallet in a dark back room and she was out like a light in no time and we danced until the last song. We would have went to the Roost, but we took Mak back to the hotel (still asleep) and we conked out. Sunday was spent tanning, sleeping, and playing ball on the beach before we drove back that night.

Clearly we were tired when we got back and planned our day off on Memorial Day for unpacking and catching up after the crazy week that was.

The end of the school year is always a wild ride- a fast paced haze of events, and you’re so busy it’s hard to know of you’re coming or going. Add to that the craziness of a 4 hour drive each weekend, you can say I’ve been in a daze. But I’m so glad I’ve had this whirlwind. It’s pulled me out of my slump, helped me make great memories full of laughs, and I can keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Summer is just around the corner. :)

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