Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I know.

I got a Focus on the Family email today with the subject line something to the effect of “Do you know God’s will for your life?” and it kind of struck me.

I’m not really the “why am I here?” kind of person. But I answered the questions immediately yes. Yes, I know:

  • It’s His will that I love, cherish, respect, and partner with Jake.
  • It’s His will I guide Makinzy as her mother.
  • It’s His will that I am currently a teacher, and His will I landed at MICS, a school where my students keep me refreshed and inspired. Where parents and coworkers show support and concern. He’s also the reason I know I won’t be a teacher forever, because I know it’s His will that I do something else, and I will wait patiently for that door to open, listening for His direction. But, until then, I know it’s His will that I bloom where I’m planted and make each day worthwhile, right here, right now.  Accepting His will in this has left me feeling complacent, in the best way.
  • It’s His will that I learn to trust Him, that I lean on Him, and find peace in His promises. He’s allowed heartache to draw me nearer. I can’t say it was His will that we have lost three babies, but I do think it’s His will that I develop an unshakeable sense of trust in Him. If this is what the world’s thrown at me, I know He can use it for His glory.

I know. I do. I sang this morning- I know Who goes before me, I know Who stands behind, the God of angel armies, is always by my side.

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