Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2013… the better view

I just looked back on my last 10 or so blog posts and realize dhow much I use my blog to leach out the sadness of miscarriage, the pains of adoption, the frustration of the teaching profession. The ICK of life. But where’s the good times? The smiles? The joy? So in true self-therapy style, I’m pulling out photos of happier times, dwelling on blessings.

Fun times with great friends.
My daughter’s excellent school musical. She nailed her solo… :)
Beach days, even when it’s chilly. There’s something about Pawleys Island…

My students are remarkable. They made bracelets and cards for kids at Levine Children’s Hospital, delivered them, and skyped with a patient, too. They wrote and preformed Shakespeare puppet shows for the little ones, and I was so proud of them.
Our church family continuously provides us with love and laughter.

Fancy dates (even to work functions) never fail to make me giddy and excited.
Homemade Red Velvet Birthday Cake.  Enough said.

Snow days and family fun.
Gorgeous mornings in the south.
Mother-daughter pajama parties.Saturdays with these two.

2011, 2012, and 2013 have been so hard. But I can’t forget, they’ve been really, really good too.

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