Monday, April 15, 2013

Life goes on!

I was thinking the other day about ending my blog. I know. Sad. It’s just that life is so different now. When I was a college kid, I was stressed and busy, yes, but I had pockets of free time here and there that I relished, and those long, free summers gave me lots of time for fun recipes, crafts, and thoughtful essays… fast-forward, now, and teaching and being a mama means that my few spare moments are on the couch with my eyes closed, not writing. BUT, no fear. I still want to keep my blog around, because even though my posts are rare nowadays, it’s wonderful to have a forum to collect my thoughts when the mood hits to purge.  I’ve always loved writing, and I always will. And this blog has turned more into a journal of the online variety, free and open for anyone interested in my musings, and I’m okay with that.

Obviously, I ‘m writing because I have a lot of thoughts to share. EXCITING thoughts! In case you missed the Facebook announcement, WE’RE PREGNANT AGAIN! We debated on sharing the news, as we kept it secret last time (Nov. 2012) but when that pregnancy ended (Jan. 2013), going through the grief alone was just as hard as having to break the news to everyone the first time around. So, with the hope that our friends and family would cover us in prayer, we shared the news on Easter, the very same day I got my positive HPT, we shared it with all we knew. I went to the doctor yesterday, finally. I couldn’t go over Spring Break because Mak and I went to the beach while Jake was in Honduras. He spent Monday-Monday over the break on a mission trip with our church to complete a water project on la Montana de Flor, for a group of Tulepon indians, an unreached Honduran people group living in very poor conditions in seclusion outside San Ignacio, where missionaries from our church have planted a church doing amazing things! Since I was pregnant last time when the trip was planned, I didn’t go. So, a beach trip with Whitney was exactly what was needed to get my mind off missing Jake. Gosh, it was so hard being apart and not getting to talk! I have a renewed since of empathy for single parents. It’s soo hard. But, he had a great time and got to do some amazing things for those people, so I’m grateful he went. They couldn’t get me in on Monday or Tuesday before we left, or Friday when we got back, then I had a field trip, so I ended up going last Tuesday. Great report so far! Approx. due date is my mom’s birthday, Dec. 1st! So excited! My favorite part is Mak’s love of talking to the “Tiny (Sweet) Pea” growing in my belly! Thank you for praying for us. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, but no matter what, WE TRUST HIM!