Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Long time to see!

Hi, blog. It’s me. I know. I suck. Life is crazy. I can barely write a lesson plan much less anything else.

So, updates (in short) :
- School started and I love my job! My kids are sweet and smart and parents are involved in the best ways (albeit a few in the not-so-great ways, too), admin is wonderfully supportive, and the whole atmosphere is fantastic. Only downfall? Still 30 minutes away (other direction from last job!) and will be quite the commute if and when we are able to move.
-Speaking of which, we’ve been working with a realtor this fall to get the house on the market. We need land! Space to run free! 1 acre is not nearly enough for two county bumpkins and a growing family.
-On Sept. 7, my dad was in a motorcycle wreck. He was literally hit broad-side by a deer and shattered his leg. It’s been a long road. We were so fortunate that it wasn’t worse and that it happened very very close to my parents’ house. He has a lot of recovery still to go and is still in a wheelchair and of course, out of work. Again, we are just holding on to the gratitude that he is okay!
-In November,  got a new car! Yay third row seats! I feel like a legit soccer mom now. ;)
-Mak’s biomom chose not to relinquish her rights as we had discussed and so we have a trial date set for the new year. Not so fun. We really want a positive relationship with her (as well as other members of that family) but we’re being met with some resistance. We simply request 1) a clean drug test, 2) a job, 3) paying for your own way (rent, etc.) to demonstrate an attempt at a responsible adulthood and to get to know us by contacting us on regular basis. We’re prayerful and hopeful that all will work out. After all, what God has ordained, we can’t change, and it has been very clear that Mak’s adoption heaven-lead. She continues to grow and change and blossom in ways I can’t verbalize. She makes me so proud!
-Speaking of which, she accepted Christ in August and was baptized this fall! AMAZING!  So proud of her mature choices! There’s been a few other situations with her birth family that has complicated things, but again, we know God’s plans are for the best, and we maintain a desire to keep her birth connections, provided those adults are show they are committed to being a good influence on her.
-With everything that happened this fall with Daddy, plus with everything else, we’ve kind of put foster care on hold. I still think it’s something we are meant to do, eventually, just life is a little crazy now.
-The tragedy in Connecticut is mind-consumingly sad. It’s heartbreaking. I keep reading about it online, searching for some way to make sense of it, but of course, that’s impossible. You can’t make sense of the senseless.
-I’m tired. A lot. But it’s okay. Christmas is coming and once the presents are opened, it should be a little easier to rest.

All in all, things are well and we are feeling very blessed. God has had His hands on us, protecting us and guiding us. I’m so grateful for all the things He has done for my family. As Christmas comes (days away I have yet to shop…. eek.), I keep remembering that it’s the time together, memories made, and the celebration of the birth of our Savior that makes it all so special!

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*Fall family pictures taken by a former coworker of mine. :)

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