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Savoring Summer.

Let it be known: I’ve epically failed at blogging in Spring 2012… Not that I didn’t try. I have numerous drafts that seem a little odd to post now.
That whole adopting a 7 year old thing, ya know. Not to mention quitting’ my job and subsequently searching for another one.
So here’s the life update:
In the midst of the mid-May mayhem (alliteration!), we had some veryyyyy news: the arrival of my brand-new, beautiful niece!
Meet Callie! She’s too cute!


Callie is the daughter of Justin & Danielle, my husband’s brother & his wife, and she was born right in the middle of state testing, which meant we had to wait until Memorial Day weekend to make the trip up to Greensboro to see her. While in the area, we also went to the Lazy 5 ranch, which is a unique zoo that Mak LOVED!

School ended rather solemnly. I left on a positive note despite the fact that I wasn’t entirely going to miss it, although there were a few dear kiddos and a handful of awesome coworkers with whom I hated to part. Packing up my classroom was the what I imagine the 9th circle of hell must be like. Umpteen thousand boxes later, Daddy & I loaded it up, and stacked it up in their guest bedroom, our guest bedroom, and my garage, all of which are now junky until I can move into my new classroom (more on that).
We went on a field trip to GA, which ended up being quite fun.
My room before it went into boxes… Adios, room 126!



The GA Aquarium was amazing! Highly recommend! And so was Stone Mountain! Can’t wait to take Mak to both!




Here I am with the other  7th grade teachers that went on the trip. Mr. H & Mrs. S couldn’t go. I will miss these guys, especially Mrs. F (far right), my partner in crime.



At the beginning of June, Jake continued working/Mak was still in school and I went to job interview after job interview, and was given job offers at every one but one. Also, we attended Jake’s cousin Alison’s wedding. Above is the best family pic I was able to get.
Mak ended first grade! She had an amazing teacher (see them posed together) and even got the award for most improved writer!

IMG_1211Mid-June, we ventured down to Oak Island, where we have been vacationing yearly with my folks since, well, I was born. This year, our 60 pound bundle of joy made our foursome more! She loved geocaching, fishing, the aquarium, and endless afternoons on the beach with her mommy & daddy.  We even got to meet up with more friends/family for dinner twice!


After we got back, we jumped straight into VBS. I have to say, I LOOOOVE our church, and I especially love how our church has embraced our daughter as ours, and welcomed her into the fold. I love how involved she is, and it fills my heart with joy to heat her repeat the lessons, songs, and values she’s learning. Speaking of which, I can’t tell if the photos are doing her justice, but can’t ya just see how much she’s maturing and growing?! <3

FBCKM VBS ‘12- Amazing Wonders Aviation


So now that our OKI trip & VBS have come and gone, we’ve had a few weeks of what I like to call real summer… you know, those lazy days when it’s too hot to do anything and there’s really not much to do anyways? Yes, those. We’ve lounged by the pool, swam ‘till we’re sore, visited the library and local museums, been to birthday parties and sleepovers, visited with family, and just chilled. It’s been those quiet moments that the ways in which our family has “gelled” has been revealed. I love being a threesome. I took the month of June off from charting, taking meds, and doing everything under the sun for TTC. I ‘m done caring or even thinking about it for a while. My brain needed a break from the emotional pressure of convincing myself to continue trying so hard without getting my heart too wrapped up in it. And it’s been great just… being us. Between time together, time at church, time with friends and family, life has just been good. Next week, we’re going to be traveling 11 hours to the FLA panhandle for our first “official” family vacay just the three of us, to a quaint stilt house on Cape San Blas, 300 ft. from the water on a strip of forgotten beach, void of any stores or high rises. I’m stoked. I’ll try to post pics in a timely manner this time. ;)

We spent the 4th doing the normal things- going to the Charlotte Symphony’s Summer Pops patriotic show complete with picnicking and fireworks on the third, then grilling with my folks, & watching more fireworks on the fourth. It felt so… right. IMG_1399IMG_1400IMG_1419IMG_1437

Watching the fireworks at the American Legion (a tradition she had with her grandfather). I wasn’t too happy about some of the patrons’ foul mouths, but I gave ourselves Es for effort for trying to do some things/maintain respect for her biological family history and the things she’s done in the past.


So back to the whole new job thing (told ya I’d get there)… I’m the newest 6th grade language arts/Latin teacher (yes-LATIN- meaning word etymology, basically) at a charter school in the county in which we live. That means I’m no longer teaching across the state line, but in NC like my hubby. It takes me about the same time to get there as it did my old school, but it’s only 20 from Jake & Mak’s school, and much less distance (in terms of mileage/gas) that my previous school. Being a charter school, it’s a very unique k-9 (eventually k-12) school set on a church campus using a combo of the church facilities as well as modular buildings as its campus. They are currently trying to procure land for an out-of-this-world school campus to be built. It’s got a lot of the flair of a private Episcopal school, and is very grass-roots in atmosphere. I guess, by that I mean the atmosphere is that learning requires multiple parties: teachers, students, and parents. Students are expected to behave. Period. Parents are expected to be involved. Period. And teachers are expected to teach with vigor, and will be supported by whatever means necessary to get students to succeed. It’s messy and fun and authentic. And I love it. It’s gotten me recharged for teaching. I find myself planning/prepping and just THINKING about teaching sooo much more. I hope I don’t have the grass-is-greener syndrome, but I can’t shake this feeling of excitement. I know the difference in socio-economic environments has a lot to do it, but I think the real reason I’m excited is the difference in the vibe of the school as well being in the same county in which we live. Anyways, the middle school will be housed together in a new modular building (and the buildings are complete with a hallways and rumor has it, lockers in our new building, so they aren’t like the mobile units you’re imagining.. the “learning village” as it is called, is quite lovely…) and our building has yet arrive and be finished, so it may be August before I can get in and start working in my room. Angst. Still, I am happy.
So. There you have it. I’m so glad summer is here, and I love soaking it in. This summer is sooo different from last year. New job. New child. New outlook post miscarriage. Less traveling, more chilling. Last year was awesome and fun, and as different as it may be and as shocking as the changes may seem, I am so overjoyed when I sit back and look at life. God holds the map of my life, and I’m totally enjoying the scenery on the journey in which He’s leading me. Jeremiah 29:11. <3

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Melissa said...

Glad things are going well! Totally know what you mean about taking a break from TTC. LOVE what God is doing in Mak's life, it seems like she's growing & learning so much. YAY about your new job!!! :)