Wednesday, April 25, 2012

REACHing out

Yesterday, Jake and I ventured out to Charlotte (both having to take some time from work) to our first appointment in Charlotte at the REACH clinic for infertility. Just to make it seem more like a date, we took the bike, and it felt chilly, but nice.  My doctor, Dr. Crain was to see me that afternoon, but we had to come early to meet with the financial counselor who informed us  (what I had already feared) that my insurance (much to their surprise) did not cover infertility. Apparently all SC employees they have dealt with in the past have indeed had coverage, yet, I did not. It was a conundrum. Regardless, we visited with the calm, straight-forward, business-like doctor (whom Jake made crack a smile or two… despite being “older” and a bit cool, I instantly liked his knowledgeable approach) and discussed my menstrual history. We decided (it was truly a group decision) to do a transvaginal ultrasound and see how my eggs looked. If it looked promising, we’d work on a way to do injectables this cycle. We did, and I had 12 on one side and 10 on another. He didn’t actually diagnose me with PCOS, but said it was kind of suspected. I gather though that that is basically (another) diagnosis of exclusion. But, that’s kind of beside the point. So, the more we talk, the more the doctor and his team feel confidant about our chances and then, they proposed something AMAZING. They would “gift" the drugs for this cycle, and because of the fact that we met a very narrow criterion, we could possibly become a part of a drug company sponsored study for finding a cheaper way to do IVF. To make it more affordable, they are studying the success rates of couples doing an alternative IVF that includes less monitoring and less involvement, thus reducing the cost. To see if this new cheaper alternative is successful, they are doing this study, and you have met the criterion to even be considered to be invited in, and lo and behold, we did! We started the paperwork right then. Imagine! IVF… without the cost! I was near tears. And on top of the fact that they had enough samples to get me started right away on this cycle! I couldn’t believe how generous and eager they were to help us in whatever means they could. And then, even better, as we shared our story, we learned our nurse and financial counselor were both adoptees. The more we talked, the more shared God’s unbelievable love and blessings in our life. And they were soaking it up, especially as we described our view of biblical marriage, the spiritual warfare of the family, and our reasons for considering adoption and foster care despite or endeavors to conceive. It was one of those God moments. I felt like if nothing else, being there and ministering to those ladies, giving God ALL the glory, was worth it. It was so mindboggling to see the blessings, especially financially, billowing out of His hand and on to us, but the single best part was turning it right around and baring our hearts to point to Him. I’ve found myself sharing a lot lately. With strangers. With people at work. My blog. Really anyone who will listen! I want to share how WONDERFUL my Savior is, and how much the Father provides for us! It just kind of pours out of me because we are changing and going through so much change… I ‘m changing jobs (nerve-wracking and scary!), continuing to work on getting licensed as foster parents, and of course, the journey with our sweet Mak, infertility, and the hopes to move… it’s so much about TRUST. I have been begging God to use me in a mighty way, and to be loud and clear. I heard it loud and clear recently in a magazine article about adoption. The writer, a Christian musician roughly stated that we shouldn’t be praying for God to bless the endeavors we have planned, but be asking for blessings as we do the tasks He’s already commanded us to do! In other words, GO FOR IT! Do what He says! Romans 8 and James 1:27 just reverberate in my head… Anyways, if this cycle works, I should experience an LH surge in 10 days, and then 2 weeks later, I should test. So basically somewhere between Memorial Day and our anniversary, we’ll know if it stuck or not. If not, then we move on to the study. The whole process is though,time, and money-consuming, but it’s miraculous and giving us a great chance to share about Him. And that, not a pregnancy, is what it is really all about… HIM.

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