Monday, March 26, 2012


I’m sitting in a writing conference for school and we’ve been asked to write about a time our lives have changed. “Ha!” I thought to myself. What changes our family has undergone in the last year. I had to drive clean to Columbia (like 2 hours) this morning to get here, and just this morning I pondered this very topic. As I drove down the barren section of 77 far past my familiar exit in Rock Hill, I realized the last time (and most frequent reason) I drove through that area was on my way to the beach, heading down to Georgetown with my bags packed, swimsuit ready for a Spring getaway at the Belford house on Pawleys. I looked back longingly for the times to when I was able to throw it in and go, but as I glanced back in my review mirror( you know, just making sure no blue lights were there since that’s typically the part of the road where my attention wonders away from how heavy my foot rests on the pedal), I saw not beach bags and duffle bags of clothes, but a pink car seat, Fancy Nancy book, and little pink, sparkly coat resting where the bags had been. It was kind of a moment of revelation of how different life is now. Since this time about two years ago, I have become a whole new individual. When we moved from UHBC, we felt God’s call to ignite our lives. We were such lukewarm bench-warming Christians. I am so thankful that our UHBC family realized that the distance from home to church was keeping us from being emerged in worshipful experiences, and I’m glad God prodded us to seek a new home. As we looked for a new church over a period of 7 months, I  felt a little like I was wondering the desert, but since we’ve been at FBCKM, we’ve been totally involved,  and life is completely different, both literally and spiritually. After a few months there, I decided to try to keep myself involved wholly was to change what I was listening to. I made the big jump and switched the presets in my radio to Christian stations, something I’d never thought I’d do. I decided to give it a week. If I didn’t feel more positive, more in tune, more focused spiritually, I’d switch them back. But it worked, I felt a positive change, and now, a year later, still listening to Christian radio. Now, here I was driving down this familiar stretch of desolate highway lines with acres of pine forests, feeling frustrated that the radio station it was starting to fade. I realized the last time I had drove that stretch, I didn’t have that station playing. I didn’t have that car seat in the back. I didn’t have this new outlook on life as 100% His. I’ve been ignited. Life is just so… new and different. I miss that ability to just jump in and go that being young, married, college educated, and free, but the sacrifices of motherhood are so worth it. Furthermore, continuing to step closer and closer to God, changing my thinking to view each day as a chance to give God glory. It’s good stuff. <3