Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Steps Forward

Yesterday... Legally Ours!
Yesterday was our day in court. We appeared in family court to petition the court to transfer full custody to us. The judge was practical and attentive and I respected him a lot. It was nerve-wracking setting through all those cases. I found residual pain from my miscarriage rumbling within me as I watched people come before the judge and explain their cases... It was hard not to wonder why they were allowed to bear children at all, and others could not, but I knew I had to stifle the thought. I was totally taken aback when the judge decided to bring out the biological mom out of the jail and let her make a statement. She appeared, smirking, with shackles on her feet and hands, asking the judge not to let those people she's never met take away her baby. The judge handled it well, and told her he would grant her visitation on our terms, provided that they were reasonable, and suggested she get her act together so she could be in her life. Essentially, that means we just have to make clear our terms, which are simply that before she can see her at all (even then, with supervision, of course), she needs to have successfully completed a drug treatment program, hold down a job, and get out her own. In other words, when she's a clean, responsible member of society, we'll talk about visitation. Besides, all of this will be a moot point if she ends up in jail again, and by giving her an opportunity to be a part of her daughter's life will be helpful when we do apply to adopt. Still, she didn't object to the change, even if she did smirk, which tells me that she knows we are what Mak needs, and that gives me hope. My ultimate goal? One day, she will get her life together and Mak will be able to lead her to Christ. Anyways, the custody hearing was successful and we are now her legal guardians with full custody! <3

Today... Day One without Meds!
When Mak first came to us, her grandfather shared with us all of her medical information and history.  According to him, some preschool teacher (at a local day care/head start program that doesn't come too highly recommended) suggested he take her to some psychiatrist to get a test for ADD/ADHD and she was apparently diagnosed. Several years, numerous evaluations, and a few more doctors later, she ended up on two focusing/hyperactivity meds plus a sleeping aid, which, all in all, made her a very medicated little girl. The pastor's family who took care of her before she became ours had her down to just one of the ADD/ADHD meds, rather than the two. Since she's been with us, we've been slowly but surely weaning her off the sleeping pill, and knocking the one ADD/ADHD drug in half on the weekends. In making her life very procedural and structured, we've seen huge improvements, even as the medications in her system have declined. Today, we offically went medication free. Not a single behavioral med, no sleep aid last night. So far, so good. I'm proud of her. We've had more issues with her not wanting to listen, but it's been rectifiable. Big steps in the right direction!

Anyways, good steps in the right direction are happening, but we need prayers. I'm super excited about Christmas (she's gonna have a duck when Santa comes, that's for sure) but I'm almost paralyzed by fear of what will come down the road... what issues we will have to overcome. I'm just having to really let go and ask myself what I already know:  if our God is for us, who could ever stop us?

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Melissa said...

Still praying for y'all! Love how you are handling everything. You're doing great. So cool that Mak is off the meds, too!