Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree… Oh, Christmas Tree…

Makinzy’s first Christmas tree last was a real adventure. I know she has had Christmas trees in the past, but never a live one, nor has it ever been big. Based on her reaction to decoration, it’s safe to assume she’s never helped decorate one either. Whereas I as a child couldn’t wait, we had to insist she help us. It was clear she didn’t know what to do! Eventually, she got the hang of it, and with the help of a little Christmas music, she finally got a little spirit. And the tree turned out beautifully.


I think the best part was her traipsing through the woods descrimitorally passing from tree to tree, before finally “picking” the one I had already chosen. She was too cute.


She continues to transition well, and I’m anxious to get her into the same school as her daddy. Scheduling wise, it will be a huge improvement for us. The last week or so has been better, and with more and more rest, I am starting to have some resemblance of myself again, at least a little bit. This week will be TOTALLY hectic, between meetings at work, meeting with DSS, prepping for the innumerable Christmas festivities and parties, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Once upon a time, this time a year meant a vacation. In fact, I don’t dare reread older posts from my college days lest I cringe in jealousy of my former schedule full of opportunities for crafting, relaxing… Not that this isn’t a good trade. Her smile definitely makes up for it.

This coming weekend will be filled with a half day on Friday for me, (FREEDOM… Praise the Lord!) her school Christmas party, a parent-teacher conference (and this time I will no be behind the teacher’s desk for the first time), the humongous family gathering I host for my mom’s side of the family each year, church musicals, plus getting more family pics made… this time with Olan Mills for the church directory, and a plethora of other traditions like going to see the lights and such…Not to mention that I’ve only bought Christmas for one little big-eyed, ribbon wearing elf, and yet to start on anyone else, so add shopping in there too.

Hoping I survive the holidays,


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Melissa said...

You'll do great! Praying for y'all!