Thursday, August 04, 2011

HodgePodge Observations

A random assortment of things I’ve learned/noticed this week:

- No matter how much you think you can get done at school when “nobody’s there,” there’s always going to be someone to talk to… and even though you get nothing accomplished, it’s almost always worth it in the long run.
-People pay more attention to who you are and the life you live than you ever realize.
-Cheeseburgers and orange sherbet make my pants too small.
-Forgiveness is the most liberating thing. Ever. (I knew this already… but He reminded me, yet again.)
-When you close a door, He can open it again.
-There’s something sweetly invigorating about sitting behind a teacher’s desk. Even when you are drinking water instead of your usual coffee.
-Speaking of which, I have gone one week sans caffeine, minus a few sips of a Jake’s soda. I (apparently) can live without it. Who knew.
-My husband is the most awesome human being walking the face of this earth. Seriously.
-I’m a spiritual work in progress.
-I’m starting to be known for the messiness of my poor car.
-I’m accident prone. 4 fingers burnt to a crisp from an AK-47 disguised as a hot glue gun prove it. (I borrowed one from a neighboring teacher when my puny one ran out of hot glue sticks and it dripped out on to my hand. Owwy.)
-Our parents will be crazy-amazing grandparents.
-A lot of people have said we are going to be great parents, yet I still wonder. I think that’s human.
-I know absolutely nothing about pregnancy and babies.
-I stay up way too late.

With that, loves, to bed I go.

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