Monday, July 25, 2011

The Summer of the Suitcase… A Spiritual Journey

As I mentioned earlier in the summer, this summer has been one of travel.
A trip to the beach with my family… a trip to the SC coast to see my best friend, including stops in Garden City, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Pawley’s Island, and Charleston… A romantic and relaxing week in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (near Cancun) with the hubby… a week on St. Simon’s Island, GA chaperoning a youth beach trip… Plus, we still have one day trip and one more pilgrimage to the ocean before we call Summer 2011 a memory.
I feel as though I don’t even know my own house anymore. Through all our many adventures, you’d think we’d been more distracted from our growth in our relationship with Christ, but actually, this summer has been one of growth not only in terms of our marriage, but spiritually for us both.
Not long ago, God revealed to Jake and me (basically at the same moment, in one of those raise-the-hair-on-your-arms moments) that He has called us to adopt. And He’s put a major burden on our hearts for orphans, especially in Honduras. Does that mean we will adopt from there? I have no clue. Does that me we won’t consider domestic adoption? Not necessarily. All we know is this is on our hearts and consuming our thoughts, and it’s incredibly frightening to know God’s leading you into something big. Some of my fears are about the logistics, the financing. How will our friends and family react? Can I cope with this emotionally? How will I balance this with teaching? What about infertility treatments- should we totally abandon that? No, I don’t feel so.  
So here is what I’ve learned in July of 2011.
- I AM going to be a parent in some way, some day.
- At least one of my children will be adopted. God WILL provide a way for this.
- My heart is forever touched by the orphans of Honduras. I want to make a difference there, somehow.

Our travels this summer have been apart of this divine leadership and spiritual conversation have had with God all summer, providing a whole lot of quiet, relaxing time spent with Him. It’s like He purposely put me in an indefinite vacation/beach mode, since He knows that’s when my heart’s most open to hear- when I’m staring off at the breakers, sitting quietly in the sand. It’s funny how He knows me so.

In addition to these revelations about adoption, parenthood, and ministry, our vacations have afforded us a whole lot of fun. I’ve never spent so much time just laughing, relaxing, and having a blast!

Good times with good friends in Charleston…

Adventures in Mexico…
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As I start (officially, this week) preparing for the upcoming school year, I am starting to feel that August angst I dread… the change, the ending of the summer laziness (not that we’ve had much time for that), and that overall sense of impending chaos that begins with a new year. I’m not as scared or angsty this year, now with a little time and experience under my belt. Of course, I’m nervous, but I’ve always heard that’s a common feeling for even 25 year vets.
I know this school year will be challenging to say the least, and I know that balancing that with our endeavors to begin our family (both through infertility treatment and through adoption) will cause stress. But I feel prepared. You know the Scriptures about putting on the armor of God? I feel like this summer has full of His outfitting me with His armor as I prepare for a battle. I know who my enemy is, and I know that I will fight a good fight. The injustices in this world are tremendous, the pain and violence overwhelming. But I am going to make a difference in the lives of young people this year. In my classroom, and in time, in my home as a parent. I am excited and blessed beyond all measure.

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