Sunday, July 03, 2011

Say Y-Y-Y-Y-YES to V-V-V-V-VBS!

As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love-love-love our church.
I also love-love-love VBS, which we just wrapped up, and it was just another reminder of how amazingly blessed we are to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Since last August, we have grown so much, spiritually. Being involved (not just warming a seat each Sunday) is so much more fulfilling. Getting involved means intertwining your lives with your church “family” so that that phrase is more than just lip service… We’ve been at First Baptist now for 10 months and in that time, between Wednesday night suppers and prayer meetings, Sunday School, Overflow, softball, 8:30 worship, and now VBS, we have gained so many friends we love and trust, people who will be in our lives for the long haul.
I can’t express how happy it makes me to see our new friendships forming and solidifying. Just last night, we had dinner with a few other families, then the Hubby and all the guys went out to a movie.  After Joy (one of the girls… her hubby went to the movie as well) got her infant daughter to bed, she had some of the girls in the youth group over and invited me to join, which was nice since we will be going with the Youth to the beach later this month. We watched Country Strong since we wanted a chick flick (I was stunned at the end, so I’m still not sure I liked it!). Following the busyness of VBS, it was the perfect chill way to end the week.
I’m still singing the songs, and I’m sorting through the many, many pictures we took this week during VBS now, loving the captured smiles and laughs. I taught a class of rising 6th graders, most of whom were boys, so I had my hands full all week. We did Lifeway’s Big Apple Adventure. The music for this theme was fantastic, and I really enjoyed the whole experience.

IMG_9220IMG_9222IMG_9286 - Copy
Me with some of the kids in my VBS class! Loved them all!

IMG_9813IMG_9871 - Copy

Tonight, we went out to dinner and then to see fireworks with our long time friends, Heather and Chase, and had a blast, and then on Thursday, we will be heading down to spend some time at the beach with my best friend, Whitney. Life is, indeed, good.
Between all of our amazing friends at church and the friendships carried over from college, I am so very thankful for the relationships my husband and I have with others, from the newest to the oldest.  God truly has surrounded us with good people who love Him and love us, and for that I’m thankful.

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Melissa said...

So glad you are loving your church! We recently went back to the one i left 5 years go. So much has changed it's crazy! I feel like it's a brand new church to me, except that i know some of the people! But i really want to get involved... we have definitely been doing nothing but warming a pew each sunday lol. There are so many new people who started going there while i was not there that i'd love to get to know.

Glad you're enjoying your new church & friends!