Monday, June 06, 2011

Sorting out Summer

Summer is officially here for me, while the boy still has a week with his students and some planning days. The end of the year always (like I’ve had that many, lol) comes so slowly,then hits full blast, full force… kind of like a wave. You see it building and growing and rising out in the distance, never feeling like it’s really ever coming. Then, suddenly, it curls up, foams, roars, and crashes into you, lifting you right up off the sand, and in for a few panicky moments you freely tumble in the rush, and then as quickly as it roared up to life, it fizzles into the shore, nothing but a memory. That’s how the school year ends to me. I will miss my students, for sure. I find my self already wondering who is making sure the eat, stay out of trouble, and telling them they love them. It will be amazing to see the transformation that will take place over the next few months when we return in August, and I will have a whole new brood to love. For now, summer will provide the respite I so desperately need to sustain my drive from August to May. It will also be interesting to see how we balance infertility treatments (including our first IUI in September), our increasing involvement in church, and work. Just thinking about fall gets me kind of queasy-happy… like that feeling you get standing near the front of the line to get on a rollercoaster, wondering apprehensively if you’re gonna have one of those wide-eyed, laugh, scream, and squeal thrills or end up being that person who stumbles off, pale, silent, heading to the nearest trash can to hurl. I always feel like that as I approach a new chapter in my life’s story.
Speaking of stories, since I finished school Friday, I have already read two books, and I’m starting number 3 today. This is quite possibly my favorite part of summer… that and laying by the pool.

This summer, though, there will be little time to just read and chill and watch soaps (like I’m doing now) still in my pjs. We have so much going on! We already hosted a Memorial Day cookout, we are going to the beach with my parents, hosting some youth choir members who need a place to crash, having our Sunday school class over to swim, teaching VBS, volunteering with the museum (like last summer), then July hits and we are going to be gone for weeks! One long weekend in Georgetown, one week in beautiful MEXICO, one week in GA at the beach with the youth, plus more cookouts and camping trips! WHOA. I can’t decide if we’ve bit off more than we can chew, or if it will be a fittingly slam-packed-with-fun last summer spent as a family of two before our family grows.  Maybe both?  I have totally neglected budgeting time to lesson plan, develop units, and gather ideas for next year.

I have to get back to laundry so it at least seems like I did something productive today before Jake gets home. I plan on grilling pork ribs and squash when he gets here. Smile

I love the weather. I love the fun and busyness. I love that sweet Summertime is finally here in all its glory. <3

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Melissa said...

Aw! I love a full calendar! It's fun! I mean, as long as it's fun stuff like ya'll have planned! YAY!

We're going to the beach this Friday until next Thursday. Cannot wait!

And last week i was diagnosed as Insulin Resistant, which explains why i could NOT lose weight all year (despite eating well & exercising 4-5 days a week). The medicine will help w/ that & will help to regulate my periods, so maybe we both will be expanding our families soon! :)

Happy Summer!