Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well, since it's a snow day anyways...

As my friend Casey said on her page, it's been ages since I've done one of these, but I'm doing one to procrastinate just like I used to do in college my freshman year (ironically, my hubby and I are working at our desks, listening to our iTunes, burning a nice candle and snacking in our pjs, just like my roommate and I did then), and since we just got notified that there will be no school tomorrow in anticipation for our big snow storm tonight, I can now afford to procrastinate! :) Yeah, only in SC do we cancel school before we even have  snow! LOL... 
1. My most recent ex is… happy?
2. I should learn to… knit or crochet. I want to make scarfs. I used to know how, but I've forgotten!
3. I love… my life. Sweet hubby, awesome family, precious pooches. :)
4. People would say that I am…"an old lady trapped in a young person's body"
5. I don’t understand… why someone would shoot at an elected offical and a crowd of innocent people. I don't understand violence in general. Nothing is solved, no point is made, and no change occurs.
6. When I wake up in the morning… Watch this video... :) and you'll see me in the morning!
7. I lost… my grandmother in January 1997, yet it feels like not that long ago...
8. Life is… not worth living unless you are living it for HIM.  
9. My past taught me… that good things happen when your heart is in the right place.
10. I get annoyed when… technology fails! Like my laptop and projector bulb! :(
11. Parties are… fun when people are mature and responsible. 
12. I wish… I could convince my students that they can do anything they can dream, as long as they work for it...
13. Dogs and cats… are wonderful and terrible. I love dogs, but cats are too moody.
14. My childhood pet… is  a chow named Twinkle, who is currently one month away from her 18th birthday. She went missing on New Years and was picked up from the middle of the road by a girl who works for an animal rescue. She'd gotten scared and disoriented from all the New Years fireworks. Long story short, the girl is a friend and had really good intentions, shaving her matted hair and trimming her toe nails, but she didn't know how old and frail she is, and I think it was a little too much for her. She could go anytime and we are scared that she may have to be put down in the near future. It breaks my heart.
15. Tomorrow is… a SNOW DAY, which means, thanks to our 5 furlough days, I have not had students since Dec. 16th! Ack! I do miss them, though!
16. I have a low tolerance for... grammar mistakes, especially from people with an education!
17. If I had a million dollars… we'd pay off any debt, move, go on a nice trip, and save the rest!
18. I’m terrified of… lots of things... I'm a worry-wort. :(
19. I’ve come to realize… well, I am starting to realize it's okay to say "no" sometimes.
20. I am listening to… Flogging Molly. :)
21. I talk… too much and too fast!
22. My first kiss… happened when I was so young, I think I was driving a Barbie Jeep. LOL
23. Love is… much more intense than most think. So many don't experience love in its deepest forms.
24. Marriage is… fabulous, but it isn't always easy. But, it is so, so, so  worth the work!
25. Somewhere, someone is thinking…. about going to bed. I wish I could. Alas, I must work!
26. I’ll always be… my Daddy's girl and Mama's world!
27. The last time I really cried was… yesterday, hugging my sweet, old Twinkle.
28. My cell phone is… frequently misplaced, forgotten, or on silent!
29. Before I go to bed… I've been diligently taking my medicine. This is a big deal for Mrs. Forgetful! :)
30. My middle name… Kate, but technically now it's my maiden name.
31. Right now, I’m wondering… if  FedEx has that same "wind, rain, snow, sleet, or hail" motto... I really need my new hard drive for my Dell! :(
32. Today I… slept in, went to church and really, really felt it <3, cleaned and made cubed steak, gravy, creamed corn, and biscuits, cuddled with Jake, put on a roast for tomorrow, and now starting planning.
33. Tomorrow I will be…playing in the snow since school is canceled... and planning!
34. I really want to… see my best friend. I hope she comes for a visit this weekend.
35. My most treasured possession is… my grandmother's wedding band.
37. My favorite pictures… are from our wedding and honeymoon and trips we've been on. Also, ones of people I love who have passed away, since they can't be retaken...
38. I sing… often. :)
39. If I was a crayon… I'd be yellow... or maybe that one blue one that's really cool and teal-ish, but you have to try every other shade of blue before you find it. :)
40. Someday I want to travel…. more! I love it! Puerto Rico is next, I think!
41. I am wearing… flannel pjs and a Gamecock t-shirt.
42. My favorite vacation was… I love them all, but going dune-buggying in the mud and cave diving in the DR was UNFORGETTABLE!
43. My favorite holiday… EASTER. Jesus. Family dinners and egg hunts. Chocolate and treats. A pretty new dress. Spring Break. What more could you want?
44. I get sad when I…see some of the things  my students deal with.
45. I’d rather be… somewhere tropical, always, lol!
46. My profile picture was… from our New Years Day hike.
47. I need… to stop procrastinating, Good thing this survey thing is almost over, haha.  
48. I am looking forward to… being a mama & having kids, someday... ;)

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