Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to normal… well, not yet!

The Twilight Zone continues here… a big snow storm (about 5 inches) immediately followed by 3/4 inch of ice from freezing rain has prevented us from going back to school just yet. A whole week of snow days, but I believe we will try and make it in tomorrow for our previously scheduled work day. For now, though, I’ve been at home with the hubby playing in the snow. Smile On top of it all, I’ve been sick. Not sick so that I’m down and out and everyone knows- just that sinus/cold mess that isn’t enough to keep you in the bed- just enough to make doing anything including breathing kinda annoying. Plus, Friday, my laptop’s hard drive died… Ironically, one year from the date it was purchased. I have been spending the week dealing with Dell and Fed Ex and the Geek Squad, and now it is almost totally up and running. I spent three hours on the phone with Dell, two days trying to save as many files as I could, two days waiting for FedEx to bring me my hard drive, an hour installing the thing, two more days re-installing software and programs I had, and hours making it “feel” like it used to.
Part of me has been super thankful for the snow as it gave me plenty of time to get it back to normal. Fortunately, Geek Squad gave me a partial refund since they were not able to save all my files (tears!), and Dell did everything for free as apart of the Premium services I purchased, so the whole fiasco cost me a week of my life, most of my pictures from this year, and $49.99 at the Geeks.

So, I thought that the strangeness would be gone by now and that life would be back to normal, but I continue to be stuck in that lazy, lay around and do nothing feeling that comes after the rush of the holidays and before school resumes after Winter Break. Tomorrow is a work day, so I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues, as I hope seeing them will help pull me back into the rhythm of work. Speaking of which, a colleague showed me this website a while back so I  used my boredom today to give the website,, a look. Take a look at what I made with my wedding photos… Smile This will be a great tool for lesson intros. I’m gonna use it next 9weeks when we begin Jane Yolen’s The Devil’s Arithmetic, and use it to introduce the Holocaust. Have a look.

I’ll let you know how things go once school gets underway! 4 weeks is a LONG time to be out- I miss my kiddos, and a kinda hope they miss me.

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