Wednesday, December 15, 2010

POO on Preggo!

The post below was written last week, btw…

Last day for school before break, then Hubby & I are off to DC! I’ve never been to Washington and I’m so excited! We’re going to stay with a friend of mine from college. I cannot wait! I’m so ready to get away!

One thing I’m so, so, so eager to get away from is all of the daggum pregant people I know… I know, I know, I know- this is gonna sound mean, but please forgive me for venting. In all actuallity I’m thrilled for each and every one of the people I know who are preggo, but really, it’s just driving me crazy!

There are at least 10 who I can name off the top of my head from high school/my hometown (please keep in mind there were just barely over 100 people in my graduating class) who are currently pregnant. I feel like I see a new one make the announcement daily. I think I’m one of like, I don’t know… um, 3? … people who do know have babies already! I HATE that! Add to that pregnant family members, recently pregnant coworkers, facebook friends who are trying and sharing each and every ovulation cycle, and the nearly daily question “so when are you two gonna have a baby?” … it makes me INSANE.

We are so, so, so, so excited about having a baby. I want one of my own so desperately. But with my job and my fertility issues and our youth (I’m only 22, and he’s just 24, folks!), we know it’s not the time. It’s hard enough for me to keep myself focused on the idea that it is best to wait without having to see so many stinkin’ pregnant people! UGH! Gosh, you’d think having a baby bump was the newest accessory! SCREAM.

Okay, so my rant is over, and hopefully I wasn’t overly offensive. And like I said, I truly am happy for my pregnant friends, it’s just so overwhelming.
Again, I can’t wait to get to DC. It will be nice to be away, see the sites, hangout with my friend, KTP, and be around people who realize that there is more to life than doing what everyone else is doing- and that part of what makes a good parent is the maturity to wait, to gain life experiences, and to keep their mind and heart focused on  doing what you need to do, not just what you want!

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Melissa said...

I totally understand. It's EVERYWHERE!!! Except i'm THIRTY-TWO & sooooo dying to be prego. We are not trying took a long time to get hubby on board...but he is now on board & we are going to start trying in march. So please don't hate me when i have MY blog/facebook announcement! HAHA! Just undertand that i am freaking 32!!! LOL!! (The clock is ticking loudly...)

I so understand, though, because it's surrounding me as well. It's not as bad now that i know we'll be trying next year, but when i had baby fever so bad & brad was like "NO WAY", it was really just awful... either "i'm pregnant" or "our baby was just born" announcements ALL THE TIME.

But i understand why y'all are waiting. You have a lot going on & you are very young! God's timing is perfect! That's what i try to remind myself! :)