Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I’ve been up to…

Fall has finally arrived (well, it’s actually feeling more winter-y than fall-y!) and I’m a constantly a day late & a dollar short, hence the lack of updates since September.

Work dominates my life. I eat-sleep-and-breathe it. I have been at work for 13 hours straight three days last week. Between kicking kids out of class for straight-up belligerence and trying to keep them following my “two biggies for success” (be nice and work hard!), it’s been tough lately. I try to compartmentalize school as much as possible, leaving as much as I can at school, physically and mentally. Long story short, while I truly do love what I do, teaching has to get easier with time, or I can’t foresee myself lasting very long in this profession. They say it does, but does it really? Or do teachers get so physically exhausted from doing it the right way that in order to sustain themselves they settle for sub-par teaching practices? How do people with kids take it? This remains a mystery that only time can tell.

Most of October we spent camping on the weekends and doing the typical fall-ish things… baking pumpkin pies, a few short mountain trips, etc. 

Here are some pictures of our Late September,October, and Early November shenanigans:

Camping in GA at Elijiah Clark State Park with Casie, Justin, and Whitney…

IMG_5158 IMG_5170 IMG_5191 IMG_5202 IMG_5211

Cleveland County Fair with my parents and Aunt Christy… yes, I rode a camel, but I made my Daddy do it with me! :)

IMG_5316 IMG_5394 IMG_5475 IMG_5502 IMG_5506

Camping in Andrew Jackson State Park (SC) with friends Whitney, Elizabeth, David, Alexe, & Carmen from the beach…

IMG_5568 IMG_5581 IMG_5586 IMG_5592 IMG_5621

Love this one up there!

IMG_5661 IMG_5677 IMG_5689

We made friends with this duck…


It was a great time camping… then, we took a day trip up on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a picnic one Saturday, just in time for the leaves to reach peak color!

IMG_5751 IMG_5762 IMG_5766 IMG_5785 IMG_5818 IMG_5842 IMG_5866 IMG_5890 IMG_5952 IMG_5965

It’s been a great Fall… without these little mini-vacays with friends and family, I’d explode. I get so overwhelmed, but I let it go. I am three weeks behind on grading spelling tests and a month late on projects, and I have a huge grant to write before Wednesday. Conferences, meetings, and other non-teaching things has been such a big obstacle that I feel like I’m going 200 miles an hour Monday – Friday, and all I have is the weekend to keep myself sane.

It’s all good, though. I’m still feeling more blessed than I deserve…

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