Monday, September 13, 2010

A typical day in the life…

Today, someone told me “Mrs. W, you are a machine!” and it dawned on me, I kinda am…

4:15… alarm goes off (smack the snooze button, only to be drug out of bed moments later by the hubby)

4:20-4:30… breakfast with my love. He’s a big time breakfast eater so he makes eggs, bacon, toast, the works. I eat half-asleep.

4:30-5:00… digestion nap (a cat nap to let breakfast settle), cuddle and play with the puppy dogs, morning um (err, well… time well spent with the hubby), OR  last minute planning, depending how I feel.

5:00-5:25… shower time

5:25-6:00… dress and pack and get my rear out the door

6:00-6:30… interstate commute

6:30-6:45… make my way to my room and greet the custodians

6:45-7:45… turn on my lamps, set up my laptop, turn on my desktop, check my box, potty break, run copies, run errands for meetings, committees, and other obligations, last minute touches to my lesson, get lesson plans up, make sure I make a to do list for my planning period (like getting parent numbers together for phone calls), go get my receipt book for fundraiser money, send blanket emails to faculty reminding them to join the reading council, and make me a list of kids for to keep at recess for spelling make ups… breathe, then go get my kids..

7:45-7:55… comfort a crying sixth grader who has lost her pair of shoes that she bought with her own money whose locked herself in the 7th grade bathroom, only to discover by talking that the tears are really for the fact that they can’t afford any more shoes and she’s upset that she has to get her clothes from her sister’s dad and that she doesn’t have a dad of her own. Crap.

7:55-8:00… morning announcements (chugging coffee)

8:00-8:10… herd a few hundred kids to their lockers and get them in class (simultaneously diffusing fights/arguements, redirecting kids off-task, answering “what are we doing today? did I miss anything yesterday? can I get water? am I late yet? when is this due? what’s homework? questions and taking up money, forms, and reminding kids of all dates, events, and upcoming news.

8:10 until 10ish… 90 minutes teaching language arts to 25-ish kids (get out a pencil-where is your paper?-let me see your homework-please stop talking why I am talking-please sit down-please be respectful-turn to page… excuse me, why are you talking?), locker break)

30 minute planning period (to pee again, call parents and talk for ten minutes to one, and thinking “I’m so trying not to be rude here lady,and I really do want to talk,  but I got 5 parents to call and just 30 minutes to get it done, so please, thanks, yes mam, and goodbye”, run more copies, run more errands, and back to the room to be ready before class changes and referee any potential fights.

10:30 til 11:45ish… repeat 90 minute language arts instruction (see above) and take kids to lunch

11:45-12:00… EAT not talk, Do I need to sit beside you to make sure you eat and not fuss with so-and-so? Diffuse argument, eat two bites of my sandwich, then repeat.

12:00-12:20… monitor recess… pick up your trash, stop gossiping, stop running into other people, make good choices, don’t start arguments, watch and gaze and scan for potential problems, keep kids in bounds.

Line up and herd them back into class and try to get them back in class…

Notice, I have only ate half my lunch, and I have yet to sit since morning?

Finish class, dismiss, monitor the hall during class change, and repeat 90 minute language arts class…

2:45… 45 minute Enrichment class… diffuse argument from a racist comment, explain why vocabulary is important, read aloud to students, impromptu observation by administration, afternoon announcements (the bell hasn’t rang- get your stuff BACK out, please), dismiss.

3:30-4:00… random kids visiting in my room (some I haven’t taught) while I am trying to be monitoring outside my room for fights (ladies and gents, keep moving, go home! you are loitering!) and trying to clean up and plan for tomorrow while talking to kids, oh look, a parent walks in, go over curriculum, show grades, talk for thirty minutes… more planning, more kids appearing say “are you coming to our game? what did I make on the test? what are you doing, Mrs. W? can I clean your board?”

5:00-5:30… grade papers and attempt to get them in the grade book

5:30-6:00… back up stuff, try to get out the door, talk to one more person, forgot cell phone, back to the room to get it, finally in my car…

6:00-6:15… fuel light on, fill up tank

6:15-6:45… commute home

6:45-7:30… cook dinner, eat

7:30-8:30… laundry/plan/hubby time/tv (pick one, or all simultaneously)

8:30-9:30… get pjs and ready for bed

9:30… gone fast asleep.

4:15 AM… repeat.

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

Oh yes, did mention I did this all with PINK EYE?!

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Melissa said...

You are hilarious! I had so much fun reading this! & love the ' well spent w/ hubby" HAHAHA. I can't believe you have that time so freaking EARLY! I do not know how people get up so early! My alarm rings at 6:15 & i want to KILL IT! Though i do wish we had such a breakfast every morning! I keep telling myself to make time for that, eggs are so good for you for breakfast! made me laugh & i was tempted to post this on facebook for my teacher friends to read! b/c i know they'd be like "yep, that's about right!" HA! I love your "excuse me, why are you talking????" that sounds like ME when i taught & jr high sunday school!

ENJOY your teaching & i hope you get to sit & eat more than half your lunch sometime!