Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Sad.

This is a link to a news report about a murder that happened close to our home. I can't seem to get this family out of my mind- a woman who was three month pregnant was shot and killed by her boyfriend. Before he turned the gun on himself, he also shot their three children, ages 3-7. Only one child survived, 7 year old Destiny, who was shot in the head. Unbelievably, she remained conscious despite her injury and was able to tell her grandfather, who walked into the family's home to check on them when the mom didn't show up for work, that her "Daddy did it" shortly before she collapsed. I can't imagine the scene that poor man had to see- his 24 year old daughter, pregnant, and her three young children gunned down. Bless him. The whole community is mourning. My friend from church's daughter was best friends with Destiny, and her 7 year old daughter is so confused and hurt by what's happened to her best friend. My cousin's son was a kindergartener last yeart at the same elementary school the 6 year old boy attended. My heart just aches to think of it- how senseless, how horrific, how wrong. They are accepting donations for the funerals (and I'm sure for Destiny's medical bills), and I plan to go donate tomorrow. The family had no insurance, so the burden has fallen to the grandparents. Having to deal with such unspeakable loss, I can't fathom having to worry about money.
Stories like this makes you realize how important it is to speak up against domestic violence. It makes me even more worried about my own students. Please pray for comfort and healing for the friends and family of Tracy Hedgepath and her children, and especially for Destiny. Not just her health, but her heart as well.

Hundreds turnout at vigil for murdered mom and her children - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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Casie Parrott Tyson said...

I ready this story in the Aiken News! It's awful! There are so many people that are in mourning at the death of this family! They are in my thoughts and prayers, also!