Friday, June 25, 2010

Springing forth with blessings

I looked back on my camera recently, and then looked back on my blog and I realized that during my whirlwind internship, plus the unbelievable experience of taking over a classroom in April, I missed out in blogging about some majorly exciting things that happened in my life as Winter faded into Spring and Spring faded into Summer. So, I’m putting them here… Scroll & take a look.

IMG_1659 IMG_1525 IMG_1656

You’ll see the first days of warm weather (we took the dogs to the park,

IMG_1690  IMG_1703

some of the work on the kitchen over Spring Break, and celebrated my Daddy’s 50th birthday with a big party…)




my annual Spring trip to my best friend’s house down at the beach where we took sunset pictures with her brothers,eIMG_1285eIMG_1232IMG_1332 and had a bridal shower for our wonderful friend, Casie,

23793_579171014936_45506678_33460101_6625199_n 23793_579171194576_45506678_33460134_1333848_n

Convocation & my college graduation (note the group of people I’m posing with- they were my “family” for four years!) and this same group on the last day of our very last college class,

 convocationmidlevel IMG_21432010 

and you’ll see smiles from the weddings we’ve attended so far this year- Casie & Justin’s down at the beach, Jake’s cousin, Alice & Josh’s up in the mountains, and Jake’s best friend from high school, CJ and Brittany’s.

29465_584677459976_45506678_33632309_4363044_n image image1 Love this!! IMG_2495 IMG_2606IMG_2565 

IMG_3449 IMG_3454

There’s also pictures from Jake’s sister’s high school graduation,

IMG_2876 IMG_2891

our weekend at Oak Island with my family during the week of our 2 year wedding anniversary. IMG_3038  IMG_3104  IMG_3134  IMG_3175  IMG_3268IMG_3297 IMG_3349

Now that summer has *officially* began, and Lord knows, with this heat wave we’ve been experiencing it sure doesn’t seem like just June, it feels like AUGUST- I love looking back over the Spring of 2010 and see how blessed I’ve been. :)B3C8788B5CA077D90E49AA4140471DAC

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