Friday, June 04, 2010

Long Time, No Time.

Hello, Blog! I have missed you!

I am not even gonna attempt to fill in the gaps since I last blogged, so I guess I am gonna just pick up where I left off.

Well, obviously, I did indeed survive this big adventure as a long term sub and Unnamed Middle School, and I did well. My principal wa very pleased with me and wants to offer me the position as the classroom teacher next year, but the past month has been slightly depressing because we got word that my job might be cut due to budget issues so naturally, my heart sank. But, it looks like it’s all gonna work out. My principal sounds pretty confidant she will be able to offer me the job- and we’re gonna get together on Monday to talk, so I’ll know more then.

in the middle of all this, I GRADUATED! Yep, officially a college grad! I now have my degree, and my teaching certificate! :) May 8th was the big day, and strange enough, it didn’t seem as “big” as had always envisioned, but I think my brain was consumed by having my own classroom, and so while everyone else was in chill out and celebrate mode, I was in teacher-drive, and didn’t really have time to appreciate how cool it was., I still haven’t put the pictures on facebook, lol. Oh yeah, in the middle of all this, toss in a handful of weddings, one really amazing weekend at the beach that I can’t remember, and remodeling the kitchen AND the bathroom.

I barely had time to breathe. I never cried, but every day these last three months or so, I have literally crumbled into bed.

Now that my students are home for summer break and teacher workdays are over, my summer break has started (just a little more than a month later than I had originally thought. This first week of “freedom” hasn’t been all that free though, because I spent it finishing some of the remodeling and giving the ridiculously neglected house a thorough cleaning in preparation for Hubby’s little sister’s graduation party that will be here at our house tomorrow.  Way too much to do, especially since Hubby is still in school (his students get out on the 10th) PLUS he’s leading summer camp at the Y again this year, so he’s been gone every night for work meetings and training at the Y, leaving me hear to fight the cleaning battle alone- and it has truly been a battle. Once this party is over, I feel like summer time will have arrived. We have several beach weekends planned, plus I booked a nice 5 day vacation in La Republica Domincana later in July. :)

Seriously though, these past few months (and really, the next few as well, are times of transitions. I no longer straddle the line between poor college student and newly wedded domestic goddess, but now, I am a fresh face, a brand new teacher… trying to make a difference in my students’ lives, trying to learn how much of myself i can give to them, and still have enough left to be the wife, daughter, and friend I want to be. And my husband (being in his second year teaching) is still doing the same. It’s a balancing act- learning how to juggle it all, mentally, physically, emotionally. I am so glad that he and I are in it together!

I don’t know how frequent my blogs will be. It’s one of those things I am learning to juggle, and  it might be the thing I drop from time to time, but I always pick it back up…. I hope you stick around and watch me learn. <3

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Casie Parrott said...

I love reading your blog!

Keep up the good work, and know that you are blessed!! :) You are amazing for being able to handle all of this with incredible strength! :)

Love you, Briana!