Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Diary of A Delinquent Blogger

It’s almost time for graduation1 I can’t believe my time as a college student is basically over. I have been so busy lately, blogging has been non-existent, We haven’t even began gardening, nor have I spent time at the beach with the girls.  Here’s a summary of why:

- I loved, loved, loved my internship teaching 8th grade language arts.

-I had no clue how exhausting it is to fly solo.

Back in March, I spent every second I had spare applying for a job teaching. Well, long story short, I got a phone call and after weeks of hoping and wishing, the week after Spring Break (Easter), I transitioned into a new district, a new school, a whole new place, by myself as a full time teacher, taking the place of a teacher who had to leave suddenly.

So, in a nutshell, I have just completed my first two weeks as  a legit classroom teacher. Jeez.

I love it, but coming into a classroom as the “new teacher” with 7th graders just a few weeks before the end of the year is killer. Absolutely killer. Hang in with me til June and I’ll let you know if I make it.


Love, Love, Love.


Melissa said...

That is awesome! So excited for you. But, i miss your blogs! LOL.

Crazy Charm said...

I'm sure you're doing great! I was in a similar situation earlier in the year--coming in to fill in for another teacher. It is really tough!