Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working on the kitchen!

Remodeling began last week.
What a process this is becoming. I posted a couple of blogs ago the floor plan describing the big changes, so we started with painting, thinking that if we mess up the floor, it doesn't matter since the floor is coming up.


I have to say, I really love how the whole “painted paneling” thing is going- it' looks so country and has such character. I am also redoing the cabinets (cleaning extra thoroughly then new laqucer and varnish and new silver hardware and hinges). The KIlz really makes it the paint stick, btw.



While we were at it, Hubby and Daddy got started moving the cabinet, which turned out to big much more complicated than we expected and so, it took all day to rebuild the cabinet. While the boys did that, Mama and I were able to paint the whole kitchen in one day! The color is called "Palmetto Green" which is quite lovely for the the kitchen of a bonafide Carolina girl! :) It made it so bright! I love it.
Moving the cabinet proved to be more of an issue financially, too. We had to break the laminate counter tops and as a result- I am getting new counter tops! Sunday I picked it out and Monday I ordered it. We are upgrading from regular old matte laminate to a much higher quality "HD" laminate that resembles granite or natural stone. Some places have more shiny places and others are not, just like other stones. I can't really explain it, but trust me it looks awesome. The color is called "Sedona Bluff" and is peachy, creamy, very pretty next to my "Palmetto Green" walls.

Daddy was not so excited, lol!



IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0967 IMG_0972 IMG_0981

Isn’t the green pretty? :)

I even think I've decided on the flooring, but that'll happen over Spring Break.
Between now and then, we waiting til the laminate stuff for the counter tops comes in and then gonna be trying to work on removing the the glue and junk from the wood counter tops. Until then, I’m impressed with the progress we’ve made.

This weekend will be a nice little break from it, and hope to get my gladiolas, peonies, and lily of the valley in the ground for the summer and do some much needed gardening. :) Plus, my best friend Whitney is coming up, which makes me super excited, and Saturday will be my Daddy's 50th birthday party. Mama and I have been working on it for a few weeks. After his cancer this past year, we have a lot to celebrate! :)
Can't wait for this awesome weekend ahead! :)


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Melissa said...

That is awesome! The green looks beautiful! I love it!