Saturday, February 27, 2010

A-Hunting I Will Go…

So, the internship (the reason I haven’t even been on Facebook this week until today! LOL) has been getting even better, each and every day. My mentor is BEYOND amazing. Each day, I learn something about her I didn’t know, something that shows me even more of how much of great person and great teacher she is.(shout out if she reads my blog: Karen, I hope you know I think you are fantastic!) She’s so incredibly supportive and encouraging.

Every moment I haven’t been working on school stuff has been spent on SLEEPING & trying to avoid this ultra-awful stomach bug that’s going around, the remodeling mess that’s beginning in my house, and the scary, nerve racking process of JOB HUNTING.

As it is now, I have had a few interviews, one that seemed more than promising, but one that would require moving. Like selling the house, changing everything, and moving away. Ironically to the same place my Grandmother was born, a few hours away.

Until we make up our mind, I’m focusing my search closer to home, going to job fairs, filling out mountains of applications, and praying.

Not knowing where I’ll be in August terrifies me.

Having to trust Him is so, so hard when I am such a control freak. Haha. But, I feel like maybe this whole thing with the house is a part of His plan. If we do move, the house will be renovated and up the value, and if not, then it will be a nice, big kitchen I’ve hoped for!

Here is the general plan.


We are also painting the walls in the kitchen a color called “Palmetto” (very fitting for a Carolina girl!) which is this pretty pale green color, so it will go with my red/green cherry decor. :)

Tomorrow we are going to IKEA to look at stainless steel kitchen islands and flooring.

So, a hunting I will be. Hunting jobs, hunting flooring, etc. :)


Melissa said...

so lucky. i want pretty hardwood floors & such! one day...

so excited you're loving your mentor & learning so much! I will think of you & pray for you about the job search & that you will know with certainty which to take. :) HUGS.

Krystal said...

Even though you are extremely busy, I'm sooo glad you find time to blog! I always enjoy reading what you have to say :)

Good luck on the job hunt and finding amazing stuff for your renovation plan!!!

Casie Parrott said...

Hey Brianna!

I know exactly how you feel and Jus and I are going through the exact same thing. From remodeling of a ranch style house to job searching! Many of the jobs that I have a good promise of getting requires moving...:( It is really scarym but all we can do is trust that God's will and our will align and trust him! I love you!