Saturday, February 27, 2010

A-Hunting I Will Go…

So, the internship (the reason I haven’t even been on Facebook this week until today! LOL) has been getting even better, each and every day. My mentor is BEYOND amazing. Each day, I learn something about her I didn’t know, something that shows me even more of how much of great person and great teacher she is.(shout out if she reads my blog: Karen, I hope you know I think you are fantastic!) She’s so incredibly supportive and encouraging.

Every moment I haven’t been working on school stuff has been spent on SLEEPING & trying to avoid this ultra-awful stomach bug that’s going around, the remodeling mess that’s beginning in my house, and the scary, nerve racking process of JOB HUNTING.

As it is now, I have had a few interviews, one that seemed more than promising, but one that would require moving. Like selling the house, changing everything, and moving away. Ironically to the same place my Grandmother was born, a few hours away.

Until we make up our mind, I’m focusing my search closer to home, going to job fairs, filling out mountains of applications, and praying.

Not knowing where I’ll be in August terrifies me.

Having to trust Him is so, so hard when I am such a control freak. Haha. But, I feel like maybe this whole thing with the house is a part of His plan. If we do move, the house will be renovated and up the value, and if not, then it will be a nice, big kitchen I’ve hoped for!

Here is the general plan.


We are also painting the walls in the kitchen a color called “Palmetto” (very fitting for a Carolina girl!) which is this pretty pale green color, so it will go with my red/green cherry decor. :)

Tomorrow we are going to IKEA to look at stainless steel kitchen islands and flooring.

So, a hunting I will be. Hunting jobs, hunting flooring, etc. :)

My Fur Children… :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

 Flowers for me!his note to me  

This Valentines weekend has been great, yet a bit unconventional.

First of all, this random powdery snow came out of no where- 3-4 inches of it. The sky opened up Friday on my way home from school and dumped the most fluffy snow ever- and the quickest melting! By Saturday evening, it was almost gone. And now, here I sit with the office window open, enjoying the pleasant breeze and sun. Funny weather.another snowy morning!

Saturday was gonna be mine and Hubby’s V-day date, but alas, this past week has been rough on us. We couldn’t get to church today, because, as the scripture puts it, Old Proverbial the Ox is stuck in the ditch.

First, we noticed that the lights in the living room were flickering. Then, the flooring (which has been getting progressively weaker in front of the fridge for months, despite the fact that we could never find a water leak) got so weak so quick, we had to call our home owners insurance and file a claim.

Long story short, my kitchen is gonna get remodeled a little sooner than we expected because we have had a water leak ruin our subflooring and cause some extensive damage- so my kitchen will be a construction zone in the next week or so. Until then, my dad, hubby, and father in law managed to FINALLY find the leak and stop it, so it won’t get any worse. And the lights flickering?  A totally unrelated problem with the old wiring in our house and the electricity being ran all sorts of strange ways, Luckily, a friend of Jake’s is an electrician and is working on it (as I type) for a beyond-amazing fee. He was actually working on it yesterday, but it turned out to be a bit more tricky than originally thought. On the upside of the situations, I have now been inside our attic! He’s a nice guy and seems like it’s gonna be fixed today.  But it just seems like over the past few weeks its been one of those situations that when it rains it pours (or it recent situations, when it snows, it pours, lol) First we had to get new tires for Jake’s truck, now all this… I can’t handle anything else breaking or going wrong!

Not to mention it’s been tough for our parents too! My mom’s car’s starter went out and they are down to one vehicle, and my father in law’s loaded 70,000 pound trailer sank through the pavement of the parking lot he dropped it at when he came home from the road this weekend. It took Hubby and both our dads to man-handle and figure out how to pull it out- so he wouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a wrecker or a crane to get it out. I was like, really!? SOMETHING ELSE!? Lol. Needless to say, Saturday night date night never happened.


This is what all of our outlets and light switches looked like when I went to bed. Now my ceiling fan is in the floor, half the power is off.

But it all turned out okay because Hubby gave me flowers (a dozen beautiful red roses) and a very thoughtful gift from VS ;) on Saturday night and we talked about how Valentines is so much more than just a box of candy, a delivery from the local florist, and a trip to a nice restaurant. It’s about showing someone you love them- you really, really love them- and what better way than by tackling challenges together!

If I may copy and paste my FB status from yesterday- I feel “so blessed to have the best Valentine in the world even if Old Proverbial is in the ditch. Between the water leak, having to get the insurance claim for the flooring, and the electrician is still here getting the living room outlets working. Our date just gonna be postponed. But you know what? It's all good because ...we said for better OR worse, and he can still make my whole heart smile even when things get tough!'”

Hopefully, the electrician will take care of things quickly and we will be able to go out tonight for a nice dinner. But even if we can’t, I know in my heart this has been a great Valentines, just because it’s so easy to be in love when life is just puppy dogs, rainbows, and smiley faces, but it’s what matters most is the kind of love that stands strong and gets you through life’s struggles and storms! <3

PS- Internship update?

Simply stated, I love student teaching more and more each day. Everyday, I am seeing yet another new reason to like and respect my mentor teacher and I’m learning so much from her. I really am learning so much from the experience and I am enjoying it more than I ever realized. The kids are a challenge, and the school and school system present a whole different set of challenges too, but the good kind of challenges that make me a more flexible teacher, more “well-rounded” and more prepared to take on what lies ahead of me. The whole jumping though hoops part gets tiresome, but when I get in front of those kids, it’s totally worth it. :)

<3 BW