Saturday, January 09, 2010


I have to take the last of my three Praxis II tests tomorrow morning.

This one is on social studies.\

2 hours of essays and mulitple choice questions on U.S. History, geography, goverment & economics, anthropology, sociology, and world history.


Haven't studied. Haven't taken practice exams. Didn't even remember I paid 90 bucks to take the -blank- (insert your preferred explicative here!) test and almost forgot the whole thing. I didn't even look up what I time I had to be there until a few hours ago.

And guess what I've spent the last hour doing?
Looking at bathing suits online(and wishing I could wear one without feeling like a just opened can of biscuits.. and wishing my pool was warm, sparkling, and ready instead of a solid sheet of green ice), googling Life is Good dog collars, and bidding on bow ties on Ebay for the hubby.

I'll let you know how I do on the test~ Bahaha!

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Melissa said...

i'm pretty sure this is simply because you are all tested out!!! I mean, seriously, you've had to study your butt off lately & i'm sure your brain is a little sick of it & would prefer to look at bathing suits. :) I think you'll do great anyway! You are probably taking it now? Idk what time it is there but it's 9:33 here - i'll say a prayer for you! :)