Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Weekend.

Well, the weathermen got it right this time, and here I sat at home on a Sunday, because we are semi-snowed in! We got a couple inches of snow and a couple of ice, making for lots of icky roads. Most churches including ours cancelled service. I should have spent yesterday and today being productive, but it’s so hard to on a Snow Day! I hoping for a 2-hr delay tomorrow, just to get the week started of slowly. Gosh, I can’t believe this weekend is already over! I was so unproductive- but I did clean some and do a little laundry so I wasn’t a complete sloth, just partially.

Here’s basically how we spent the weekend:


waiting on snow!

Jake, Bella, & Lucy!

Jake & Lucyme eating ice!

Lucy shivering in Hubby’s coat! And me eating a sheet of snowy ice@

love!hubby & wife!

       Us <3

Jake walking dogs

Hubby walking the girlies. :)

i realize that I could have spent all day Saturday and today lesson planning, cleaning, doing stuff for my IWS (the big project I have to do to graduate, basically) and otherwise using this time wisely, but there is just something about snow that makes me stop, relax, sleep, cuddy, and play and just enjoy some time to be thankful and have fun. I love snow days!

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