Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Blippy Blog

You’re gonna notice that my blog posts are gonna start being more like blips rather than full out stories and analyses of my life in the coming days. That’s because to day was my first day student teaching 8th grade language arts. My mentor teacher seems like she’s gonna be phenomenal, and I like my school, the kids, everything so far! I went and saw Hubby at his school the last half of the day (I was only at my school 1/2 the day because today was our meet and greet, see the school, meet the students day- from now on I’ll be there just as much as my mentor) so that he could show me a little more about working the Smart board and this sweet, sweet student of his last year (who only saw me a couple of times) saw me walking down the hall- his eyes lit up and he ran and hugged me! It was the sweetest thing. It reminded me that just being excited to see a child and give them a smile can impact their lives! Oh, what a beautiful burden!

As I said, I have to be short. I gotta read & work on my student data and polish my resumé.


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