Thursday, December 31, 2009

Speeding into 2010

I feel like life is going way too fast.
My Christmas break is flying by. By the time I look at the clock, it's already 5pm and I think, where did the day go? And better yet? What did I accomplish? (Nevermind the fact that I sometimes don't get up til 10 or 11, no matter how hard I try to be up by 7 or 8... getting use to 4 AM for school is gonna be hard in the next few weeks.)
So anyways, Christmas came and went and was great.
My family got me way too much, and it felt strange seeing my living room floor full of so many gifts, when I truly expected this Christmas to be a bit less because of the economy. I know we have all been so blessed.
I gave Jake his Unicycle, some clothes, a bow tie (his newest obsession, and it was hard to find, too! Penny's, Dillards, and Belk hardly even had them!), DVD. He got some books, and a nice coat from his parents, and gift cards to Lowes & Sears from mine. He got me a KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!!! I was so excited. He got one of the Professional kinds, not the Artsian. His parents also gave us a set of stainless steel cookware. They game me some clothes and a tea set that I've been in love with. My parents gave me this AMAZING new vacuum that makes cleaning FUN (yes, I really did say that!) and COWBOY BOOTS like I have been wanting for so long!
We had such a big Christmas!
Better than all the gifts was all the getting together. We had all our holiday parties and it was good to see everyone. I just hated that I kinda felt 'out of it' all Christmas, mostly because it felt like it came faster than I ever had anticipated. Like the holidays sped up! Now it's already New Year's Eve?! INSANE.

Well, anyways. Christmas was GREAT & I know I felt truly blessed to have all that I have been given.

New Years always brings a since of reflection to me as I look back over the past year- and it seems 2009 had a lot of sadness for a lot of people. The celebrity deaths this year were mind blowing- Michael Jackson, Ed Mcmahon, Farah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, Natasha Richardson, John Travolta's son, Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, Brittany Murphy, David Carradine, Billy Mays, football players Steve McNair & Chris Henry- it seemed like a lot, and it seemed every time I watched TV, the nation mourned yet another star. Plus, with the economy, it would seem that this year should have been remembered as a sad one. But for me, it's not. A whole lot of good happened this year. My Spring Semester was easy as pie, I learned to love yoga, I made the Dean's List twice, we were given a beautiful March snow, many friends and family members got married and settled down, babies for born, and the economy still managed to pick itself up a little bit, regardless of bleak predictions. I've felt myself grow, change, mature... At the end of the year, I always like to look back at my New Years Resolutions from the year and see how well I did. So, lets look at how I did. My resolutions were to pray more, learn to like exercise, read more, and believe in myself. Prayer life started off well, but I'll be honest, during this last semester I put Him on the back burner a lot more than I should have... yoga helped me to learn to exercise, and I read a lot more than normal (even when I didn't have time!) and I really have gotten better at believing in myself. Over all, I did okay.
I'm working on my New Years Resolutions now, & here are the things I'm planning to do in 2010.
1. Lose some freaking weight. I mean really. 2009 has not been a good year in terms of my waistline. I came off BCP and gained 20 pounds, plus 10 more from stress, holiday eating, and a lack of time to work out. Soooo. By graduation, I want to lose 30 pounds. I am gonna work my tail off to make time for working out and eating right and gonna get it off of me. I hate looking in the mirror these days, and that's not okay!
2. Pray more. When will I learn to put what's on my heart at HIS feet? I really, really need to get better with giving it all to Him. I know I'll never be able to check it off my list of resolutions, because I am a sinner, but I appreciate the opportunity to refresh this each New Years.
3. No shortcuts.
I don't really know how to explain this one, other than making sure that I, as an intern, a wife, a teacher, a Christian... do not want to take the easy way rather than the right way. I hope that makes sense.
4. Be an active part of our budgeting this year. I helped plan out our 2010 budget and I felt proud if myself for staying focused on it and contributing. Usually hubby is the financial planner, but this year we are really working on making it a 2 man operation! :)
5. I want to get on a better sleep schedule. I think this will help with numbers 2 & 3 too!
6. Volunteer. Maybe this summer I will help deliver meals on wheels? I wanna look back on 2010 and know I did something to better my community and myself. :)

There you have it. My 6 resolutions for 2010.
Now, I am posting this blog, and heading off to get dressed for Hubby's family's New Years festivities! Love to all. :)

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