Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a little wierd.

I was just thinking the other day how I have some strange tendencies... and I like some weird stuff. So here's a little confessional of things I like and do- and please tell me if you do too!

- I am terrified of chin hair. Not kidding. I think this comes from the fact that my grandfather told me I was getting some "peach fuzz" on my face when I was about 12 or 13. Needless to say, I was mortified and have been paranoid of facial hair ever since.
-I'm obsessed with junk yards. You know, where there are tons of old cars, wrecked and in pieces... when I was little, my baby sitter lived near one and the mom of a boy I went to elementary school with worked there, and sometimes my Daddy would stop by there and get random parts for a truck or something he was working on and we would get to explore. I was always curious and loved looking at the jumbled metal and wondering what happened and who the cars and such used to belong to. Kinda of like what stories the cars could tell, if they could talk? I still have this strange fixation with junk yards and it's always tempting to go walk around one. But, I never do. What would I tell people? Sorry, I'm just browsing making up stories in my head? LOL. Weirdo!
- "Grandma Gowns." Okay, so if you came to my lingerie shower back before we got married, you know I have and love pretty, frilly, girly underthings, especially from Victoria Secret. But really, everytime I go in there, what do I look at the most longingly? Nightgowns. Like sleep shirts. And you know what, those are the things I wear most often. I seriously have gowns that look like they should belong to my grandmother- you know it's bad when you go visit a NURSING HOME and see old ladies wearing the basically the same gown you wore last night. Am I horrible? True story, I'm wearing one right now. They are just so soft and comfy!
- Christmas sweaters... you know how there has been this trend of "ugly Christmas sweater" parties lately? What happens when you love them all? I really love Christmas sweaters. Well, holiday sweaters in general. Part of the allure of being a teacher was simple so I could wear them and not get laughed at. In fact, I wore one that wasn't so dramatic, but was one that my mom picked out and was super cute. I actually had a kid compliment me at school while I was teaching! Now granted, I have middle school kids so she could have been secretly making fun of me but I didn't care, I loved wearing it. And then one of my classmates (lovingly) told me she wasn't wearing holiday teacher sweaters until she was forty. I smiled and thought to myself "this is just one more reason I know I'm an old soul!" and walked on. But what's bad is that I remember wanting to wear them at 16 years old, knowing if I dared grace my high school doors with one on, it'd be all she wrote for me.

So, there are 4 quirks I have. 4 things that I know that make me a little wierd, and 4 things that make me me!


Melissa said...

You are hilarious!! I am the same about the gowns, except.. you know.. they make prettier ones that are not so grandmotherly, you know! that's what i wear. Never did till my lingerie shower. Now that's all i wear! Brad loves em too! :)
The other ones are fun, too! But wierd. ;)

Melissa said...

oh - not so wierd - forgot about the chin hair when i wrote that last comment! yeah, it's gross! guess what? I get it! no, i actually don't get it on my chin- but on my NECK!!! EWWWWW! & i have light colored hair (naturally it's brown, but not DARK!) I get my lip & the spots on my neck waxed. I HATE IT!