Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm back! Sorta of!

What a stinking semester it has been.
When I started this blog, I decided to write for myself, just because I'm one of those reflective types who write to hash out what's in my head. Since then (and it's been two years since I started this blog!) I've been fortunate to get a handful of followers who think my measly little thoughts, stories, and musings are interesting enough to read on a regular basis, and to you guys I apologize for the last month of inactivity. As I warned, this has really, really been the hardest semester ever. Possibly the hardest months of my life. So I guess I should give a short synopsis of what I've been up to.
September- I really got into my field experience and began teaching. Basically, my schedule became MWF- Teaching, and TR- class all day long. It was tough, but Hubby and I got through it by sticking to schedules and taking weekends to go camping when we could.
October- I had my midterm exam in my field experience and was really happy with the results. I'm not gonna lie, my mentor was tough. She was not the type to just say "Good job!" and let that be it. She always had ideas for improvement and little things that made huge differences. And while my peers were teaching lessons planned by their mentors, I had to do all my planning. But I never got frustrated or anything because she was always great about encouraging and giving me positive feedback, plus it was obvious that I was learning and growing as a teacher. :)
On Halloween, we stayed home and I did homework of course, and we watched scary movies and waited on trick or treaters. Last year, we were out on Halloween because of my friend's wedding and the year before we had just bought the house and I hadn't moved it yet. SO, it was my first time handing out candy. There were only 3 kids, but I suspect it was mostly because of the rain and that next year will be better. :)
We also went camping in November and spent some time on South Mountain, taking a day trip up to Blowing Rock and got to see snow. I tried to balance all my work with school by taking time to do stuff like that.
November- Most of November was spent cooking and planning for Thanksgiving and doing school work. Lots of all nighters. My computer started going down hill. It stopped letting me log in to anything Google related, including blogger and gmail, so the only way to update the blog was to do it at school. It started getting worse and I lost a lot of school work. I cried a whole lot! Trying to finish my Thematic Unit was pure misery. By this point I also decided that I pretty much hated my English methods professor (really) as much as I tried to pretend and convince myself she wasn't that bad. Thanksgiving was great- oh and this may be TMI but I have to share- LAST Thanksgiving I decided to come off BCP and hadn't had a cycle since then (yes, a whole year!) and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, almost one year to the day of my last cycle, surprise! It finally happened. :) It's a good sign my hormones may be getting ready to balance themselves out. Finally. Oh, and if you remember my crazy hunting accident from last year... how I ended up in the ER with stitches after shooting a gun, you'll remember that I have a slight fear of shooting guns as a result, and well, over the break I shot my 30-3O and got over the fear! It was great, but yeah, I could blog about those emotions in a whole new post, lol!
December- While it's only the first week, jeez, it seems like a whole month has happened in the last few weeks. Mama's birthday was the first, the same day as my major due dates for school so she said to just plan to celebrate it over the weekend, which was great for me because I was pretty much dead from all nighters. So this weekend, on Saturday, we went out and celebrated with a nice dinner to one of her favorite restaurants- oh and I got her a snuggie. :)
Friday, I had a nice little dinner party with some of our friends and cooked up a storm. Whitney, my best friend, drove up, and we cooked together. Since I am at the point in the semester when all the classes are done and all that's left is finals, we were able to take the time to just hang out and cook and there is nothing better than messing around in the kitchen and dirtying up every dish in the house with your best friend! We had soooo much fun. It was a great weekend. :)
Now, I'm on final exam mode. I have lots of studying to do, so that's my plan for the next week- study, test, study, test. But this weekend, we will be heading down to Whit's to go as her guests to the annual debutante ball where she was debuted our freshman year of college. And YAY! my dress is the dress I wore to Jake's winter formal his senior year (my sophomore year) of HIGH SCHOOL. It was simple and elegent and it still fits! :D I can't wait.

So that's my last few months. The changes I've felt and the ways I've grown and lesson I've learned is a whole nother post that will have to wait for another day. I have tons still to do and the Late Show is coming on already so I need to get in gear. I'll try to add some pictures as I can and update as I can, but sadly, my computer is still dead so I took it today to the IT people at school to see if they can salvage it. For now, I'm using Hubby's school laptop, but he has to take it back and use it himself, so I won't be able to be online as much. LOL, story of my life. No time to blog when I have a computer, and no computer when I do have time to blog. Oh well. I appreciate the patience this semester, and I can't wait to get back to dishing all my deep thoughts and wonders. It seems that this semester has been so hard, so valuable, and so... instrumental in changing me that I have a lot back to reflect back on, but yet, it's exhausted me so that I just don't have the energy to hash it all out. Hopefully after exams, things will be back to normal.

Love to all!

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Melissa said...

So glad you're back! Love your blogs!! Happy for you that the semester is about over so you can take a rest from all that studying!!! So then you are DONE completely & will teach!?!? Or more school to go?