Sunday, November 01, 2009

Me? Fabulous? YAY!

OMG! I am so excited! I recently received my very first blog award! EKK! My friend, Melissa, from "Little Mrs. Married" gave it to me!

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So as a part of the "Fabulous Blog Award" I have to share 5 things I'm currently obsessed with and then pick 5 people to pass the award on to. (Please note that I did end a sentence in a preposition. And, thanks to Grammar, AKA the hardest class I've ever taken, I know that this is actually okay to do! LOL!) Anyways, since it's already late and lesson plan is calling, I'm gonna tweak the rules a bit. Instead of sharing 5 current obsessions, I'm gonna share 5 things I would like to be blogging about these days, if time allowed. Unfortunately, I'm in knee-deep with school and time is non existant these days. I haven't even been reading often, much less writing anything other than lesson plans! So here goes. 5 short & sweet things I'd love to write you a book about.

1. DIY projects.
I recently had an adventure using indigo dye, faded blue pants and some faded old school American Eagle jeans (...You know, the most amazingly comfy kind they USED to sell before they screwed up the fit and made them all a mess, the kind that you can now only find at thrift stores? Yeah, those!) that had became so faded they looked kinda trashy. They didn't come out as expected, but it was an improvement! :)

2. IKEA and cheap duvet covers.
Oh, my new duvet is so cute. I need to go take a picture and show you. And Ikea is so freaking cheap! :) Best place to shop, everrrrr.

This is how I'm doing my Christmas shopping this year. Tells you exactly how much of your purchases go to the various charities, affordable Fair Trade prices, cheap shipping, and great causes. Check them out! :)

4. School, School, School.
Oh my, my, my... how much I am changing and learning this semester. The students, the teaching, the MOMENTS I'm having. Imagine the most thrilling, scary, amazing rollercoaster ever made. Times that by a bizzillion, and in stress and joy and tears and exhaustion and nervousness and success and failure and confusion and confidence and fear and determination... and there's a tiny taste of what the last month has been.

5. Fall!
Our first trick or treaters. Our lazy Halloween in that turned out perfect. Pumpkin carving. My pumpkin pie success, my bargin shopping, my poor mums biting the dust, and the cinnamon flavored candles I'm obessing over. Camping and more camping! Oh and our star gazing nights watching for meteors!

See, I've had so many adventures to share! But alas, I must go and plan a lesson for my lovely 6th graders! Consider all of this To Be Continued! LOL.

Okay, so the 5 bloggers I'm passing the award on to are:

1. Crazy Charm at Because the Crazy is All Part of My Charm
because I love reading about her post-graduation adventures... she's a funny, honest, twenty something recent college grad with a teaching degree, so I always feel a connection when I read her awesome blogs.

2.Carolina Girl at Ramblings of a Thirty-Something Year Old Carolina Girl
because she is one of my favorite bloggers to read! She's inspirtational as she has been completing an exercise program to become a runner. She makes me wanna get up and push myself harder! Plus, like me she's a true blue Carolina girl! Best in the world! :)

3. Beth at What I Should Have Said
because I literally have a side stitch from laughing at her blogs! She's an elementary school principal who tells hilarious stories from the trenches and tells it like it is! If ever I need a good laugh, her blog is the place I go!

4. & 5. The last 2 bloggers to receive my award are new bloggers I know in real life. Brooke from Black Rooster Gardening is my friend from school and Danielle from Goodbye Cruel World, Off to Join the World is my sister in law.
Both of these lovely ladies have fallen off the bloggy wagon so I'm hoping that this award will be motivation for future posts. I love reading about the things they are up to! :)

I'm sorry my blog has been a big blah these days with school, but I promise if you'll see me through these few months, new recipes, new ideas, and new ponderings are coming. I'm so thankful for my blog- it's such good therapy to write things out and such a great way to make new awesome friends like Melissa! Thanks for the award! :)