Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Scattered thoughts.

So I'm in the computer lab at school, and just finished a really dumb assignment for a really dumb class taught by a really dumb professor I'm going to have to listen to... Ugh! I am so OVER school. Maybe because fall break is on the horizon, or maybe because of the weather, or maybe I've let others' moods rub off on me, but for whatever reason, I'm so BLAHHHHHH right now. I think it's mainly this stupid class. Nothing irks me more than a class that wastes my valuable time.
Can you tell I'm DREADING this class? LOL.

I'm so glad that once tomorrow is over, a much needed mini-break begins. I am sort of between to do lists right now, and it looks like I'll have a bit of a breather this weekend, which is perfect because my best friend, Whitney, is coming up for the weekend. I'm so, so, so excited. I need some girl time! Especially with someone who makes me laugh and cackle and smile so much.
I'm excited.

Another positive note, my 2nd formal observation went well this week! I have another tomorrow and after that, life should be in the clear until my midterm next week... or at least I think! Gosh, I can't tell if I'm going or coming, lol.

I feel like I'm rambling. Well, I am, and this the perfect illustration of how I feel right now!!!

Oh, I wish graduation would hurry itself up.

I don't wanna go to class.
I want to bake more pumpkin bread. :)


Melissa said...

you're too cute!!

Melissa said...

hey girl - i gave you the "fabulous blog award". go to my blog called "fabulous" for more info. :) :)