Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vignettes of Fall 2009

So you guys know how I said a few months back that this fall semester was gonna literally kick my butt and that blogging would be sporadic at best?
Yeahhhh, I had no CLUE how right I was.
It seems that this semester is quiet possibly one of the most emotionally and mentally exhausting time of my life thus far.
And I thought being in school and planning a wedding was tough (note: read blogs from October '07 to June '08 and you'll see!) but this is tough in a whole new way. Taking 5 major (graduate level to a degree) courses while still taking almost all responsibilities with the classroom 3 days a week including planning, grading, preparing, and reflecting is draining. I come home and my brain aches. I get so frustrated because this semester I've not been my usual on-the-ball self. I'm not cooking new things or trying many new recipes (sorry guys, Hubs misses them as much as you do!) and I don't call people and check in or go visit. I'm not Suzy Hostess or Suzy Homemaker. I'm Suzy Teacher and Suzy Student rolled into one.
That being said, my poor blog has also been neglected in this process. Daily, I have these life changing moments- epifanies about my role in the world, new perspectives on how blessed I am, new ways to look at things, and I think, MAN! THAT'S A BLOG POST RIGHT THERE! But this semester, those moments are happening so fast I can't keep up with them all by the time I get a chance (or make one) to blog. So here, for the sake of my brain & time management (I have a stack of Egyptian hieroglyphics projects to grade tonite!) I'm gonna give you a list of updates, big moments, and thoughts recently experienced by yours truly:
1. First Formal Observations: SCARY, phenomenal, exhausting, empowering. My MT says I'm a natural and my Univ. Supervisor told me I'm teaching like I'm already ready for the Spring internship. HUGE motivation.
2. Kids. How I already love them. Their smiles, their excitement to see me and learn from me. I love how I learn from them. I have several boys I'm concerned about getting behind and I see the next few years as critical in their personal development (as in they might go down one of two paths: good grades, good behavior, and bright future, or poor grades, poor behavior, and dim future) and I feel called to make a difference in these boys lives. I hope I succeed! I am especially inspired by my blind student. She is a joy to be around and makes me a better teacher.
3. I hate my 507 class. In fact, one of the reasons I've had such a tough time is because with the exception of one class & one professor, I feel like they are a waste of my life. The professors have been out of the classroom way too long to be practical, the courses are secondary-oriented, not middle school, and the expectations are both annoying and unrealistic. Boo on class!
4. It's fall. The anxiousness feeling I get with August is gone with the wind and the crisp, welcoming, fall breezes have replaced it! I love, love, love this time of year. Next week is the fair! Which if you take a look at last year's post, you'll know I LOVE the fair with all my heart. I've made myself keep weekends as blank as possible this fall so that what little bit of Saturdays I get to enjoy will be spent doing fall traditions like camping, pumpkin picking & carving, buying mums for the front yard, baking pumpkin bread, and maybe even going to Scarowinds. This Halloween, I'm not even dressing up. I'm wearing a dark outfit, heels, and either my witches hat or devil horn head band and sitting at home with my papers to grade and/or write and waiting for trick or treaters, something that I've never got to do because we've always had busy plans for the night. :)
5. Church. Our church is always important to us, but it's neat that right now I feel like in many ways, everyone is wanting us to be even more involved- which time-wise, isn't really possible. But by teaching TLW class to middle school kids on Sunday nights and going to a few big functions, we've gotten closer and I feel more connected in the past few months. It is so nice to feel we have a great Christian family and a place to refocus each Sunday. Hubs and I know we will not be at this church forever, it's simply too far away from home, and someday in the not-too-distant future, we will change churches, but for now, I feel its exactly where God wants us, and I feel like home there.
6. Lastly, SWINE FLU. Remember how I was sick? Well, apparently I had a bad, bad cold and some allergies, but the doctor at school gave me some meds to knock it out. She was positive that I got it as a result of donating blood, weakening my immune system, then being around 135 wonderful and germy middle schoolers. LOL. Whoops. I had a tough week that week, but I made it. And as it turns out, I'm surprised it wasn't the piggy flu (as my friend Katie calls it!) because the teacher in the class next door has came down with a case. I'm just glad I feel better!

Alas, those papers are still waiting to grade so I'm gonna cut this short. We didn't have evening church today because of Homecoming and I'm so stuffed from the dinner, it's tempting just to go to bed, haha! Love to all and thanks for the patience as the dear old blog slides back to the back burner for now! <3


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Melissa Venable said...

So glad you had the time for THIS blog! :) It's great hearing about how everything is going. I can't imagine all you are learning & going thru right now!! It seems to be going well, though! Congrats on being thought of as being teacher-ready already!! & i'm glad you feel better too!!